Which of the 5 weekly meetings did you hate the most?

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  • Chaserious

    I'm going to say the TMS was the worst. There wasn't one redeeming feature. I know they've changed the format now, but going back to how I remember it, the #1 talk was always about some super dry shit like introduction to 2nd Kings and what year it was written in, and on and on. Remember when they went through the proclaimers book in the #1 talk? I remember thinking it would be interesting, but it really wasn't. It was just a boring, revisionist history account of our "spiritual heritage". The BH probably 70% of the time was from a part of the bible that contained nothing interesting. I don't know what was worse, listening to the brother drone on about how some part of Deuteronomy talking about not marrying Ammonites and how to bury your poop with your implement has meaning for us today, or listening to inane, nonsensical comments from the audience about the same material.

    Next came the student parts. The #2 talk would either be some 7 year old boy who could barely read or an older brother who had no privileges and was reminded of it by being forced to give the same talks as young boys who still had some of their baby teeth. There was this one preteen in my hall who had some kind of reading disability, and after every word or two, he would take this loud, deep breath that made it sound like he had asthma or just finished a two mile run. He didn't have asthma, and didn't have the problem in normal conversation. It was painful to watch. He could only get through 4-5 verses in the alloted time, instead of the 15 or so that were assigned, but they kept letting him give talks. Then would come the two talks that they graciously let the sisters give. Of course, they had to give the talk as part of a contrived social situation, since it would be heresy to actually let someone with no testicles teach anyone anything. Many of these were read verbatim from note cards also. And of course, the unbelieving workmate would always agree to accept some literatrash or a bible study after hearing the perfectly sensible explanation that we don't celebrate birthdays because John the Baptist was killed in connection with Herod's birthday. I'm sure I could think of some terrible parts of the other meetings too, but I can't think of anything positive at all about the TMS.


    I never really understood why they had to call it 5 separate meetings either.

    Also, I forgot to mention that while I liked book study (in comparison to the rest) it could suck if it was at someone's house who was not very welcoming...or if it was at a house where the bathroom was right next to the living room and had no fan. That was always fun...

  • just Ron
    just Ron

    rules and regs switch 1 and 2 but about the same for the rest.

    Just Ron

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