Which of the 5 weekly meetings did you hate the most?

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  • 20yearfader

    I would have to say field service, i hated feild service that was one of the reasons my father kicked me out of the house at 17.I remember getting public reproofed and hearing about my restrictions hoping and praying field service was now a restriction.My father ran down the list of what i could and couldn't do, couldn't carry the mic,couldn't comment at the meetings.....but the quickest way back he said was to increase my field service time i was like noooooooooooo.Why the hell would you want me in field service knocking on doors if i sinned?So after 4 months of posting 1 or no hours he told me to hit the road little did he know he set me on the path to freedom.

  • 20yearfader

    Oh and i hated the 1 hour public talk and wt study i became a master at sleeping with one eye open.The eye on the side of my parents would remain open whilst my other one was completely closed,i like to think i was one of the very few witnesses that could do that lol.

  • Ding

    The reason for all these meetings is to keep JWs so busy that they don't have time to get in trouble -- or to think non-WT approved thoughts.

  • QueenWitch

    Like a PP said, how they count 5 meetings when we only had 3? It irked me when after the mid song for PT/WT and TS/SM, they would say welcome to [whatever] meeting, like it was separate.

    -Bookstudy (1 hr format). It was right around the corner from our house. So in the summer time, we had to walk in meeting clothes past all the neighborhood kids. So.Embarrassing.

    -School. I hate people. I hate being in front of people. Imagine my discomfort when paired with one of the more fashionable young people when I myself was poor and had very few meeting clothes to wear.

    -Service Meeting. Boring. Period. The only time it was interesting was when the hotel letter for the conventions was read. everyone would rush home so they could get a room in the closest hotel.

    -public talk. interesting depending on the speaker. I appreciated the ones (who I thought) did extra research to insert trivia or interesting points.

    -WT study. Remember when wbts said to study the lesson 3 times? once in personal study, twice for family study, and then thrice with the congregation. talk about brainwashing. I'll admit, I used to study with different color highlighters. Oh and don't forget the congregations that had very young people. the conductor would ALWAYS ask a no-brainer:

    conductor: and what is the name of God's son? *looks over audience* Um, I'm looking for a little hand for this one *audience fills with parental whispers and elbow-prodding* Ah yes, Little Sister Barely-Can-Talk?

    brat: DEEEETZZZZ

    conductor: ok, one more time


    mom of brat: She said Jesus

    *audience cooing and ahhh'ing*

  • MrFreeze

    The Watchtower Study.

  • cedars

    The Watchtower study was my least favorite meeting, without question. I can't remember a single one that didn't seem to really drag. I was constantly checking what paragraph we were up to and mentally calculating how far through the meeting we were based on how many paragraphs we had left. And no, it had nothing to do with how prepared I was or not. It was simply that the entire "meeting" was nothing more than a dressed up way of reciting an article, either reading it verbatim or giving answers that closely matched what was in the paragraphs. Hardly the most intellectually challenging exercise. We could have done that by ourselves at home, and in a fraction of the time.

    The book study was similar, but at least it was an hour's pain and then over. The Watchtower study came off the back of a 45-minute public talk (later 30 minutes), so I was already getting restless by the time the first few paragraphs were being read. I think that's the one meeting that springs to mind whenever I'm thinking how grateful I am that I don't go to meetings anymore.


  • moshe

    I agree with cedars- it was the WT study- I haven't sat through one is over 20 years-

    Pure torture-


  • snakeface

    The Book Study was my least favorite for several reasons. The other mtgs were at the Hall and therefore felt like "real" mtgs, with the sound system, music, and plenty of space. For the school & service mtg at least there was variety; different people handling each part. That broke up the monotony.

    But with the Book Study I resented having to get all dressed up just for a 1-hr mtg. Chairs cramped together, same moron conducting the entire mtg every week. No variety. I resented having to help put the chairs away afterward. I hated goodie night because in order to get to any weeknight mtgs I had to skip dinner, and certainly did not want to fill up on sweets such as brownies and banana pudding if I hadn't eaten anything since lunchtime.


    Book study was the one I hated the least. It was short, I had less social anxiety because I knew the people better, and there were usually treats after.

    Sunday meetings seemed so long because they were in the middle of the day.

    I guess the service meeting was the most boring/long...the ministry school at least was sometimes entertaining (even though sometimes painfully so) watching people do their parts.

  • simon17

    Service Meeting easily the worst. Dragged on and on and on, so boring, the topics were nonsense, and watching the clock tip past 9:15 on a Thursday was poor torture

    Next worst was the Public Talk (60 minutes) which went on and on and on and you knew you had an hour more to go.

    Next worst was Ministry School. Mainly because of Thursday nights. At least sometimes there'd be an interesting talk and at least the talks were all short.

    Next I'll go Watchtower except if it went overtime on a Sunday which was, of course, torturous. Actually this should be higher. When its like 11:45 and you're still on paragraph 10 with a noon ending time, you know things are going to end badly. But most of my time we had a good WT conductor who didn't mess this up.

    Bookstudy was the "best", at someone house, a little more relaxed, some funny moments (esp if I was conducting).

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