Which of the 5 weekly meetings did you hate the most?

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    It was always stressed that the five weekly meetings were like the fingers on your hand. Each one was just as important as the next. Which of the meetings were the most boring,bothersome and difficult to listen to? Here is my list:

    1. SERVICE MEETING : Nothing more boring than listening to a sales meeting on how to present a book, magazine, or tracts week after week. And don't forget the fake householder who would always accept the book study and magazines.

    2. MINISTRY SCHOOL : Listening to little boys around 9 years old (who could barely read) read scriptures while grown woman had to pretend they were talking to another person while out in field service or a Bible Study. Listening to monotone speaking brothers who could barely read.

    3. PUBLIC TALK : Talks that are presented year after year with monotone speaking brothers who would put you to sleep on a Sunday morning. Talks that would include on what Jehovah thinks about anal sex, oral sex, gay sex and masturbation in front of little children and senior citizens.

    4. WATCHTOWER STUDY : Read paragraph, answer underlined and repeat. Half of Watchtower studies are about obeying the Faithful and Discreet slave and Elders. Rules are always introduced through the magazine.

    5. BOOK STUDY : The WTS way of selling books that are sitting in a warehouse that need to be cleared. How many times can you study the ''BABYLON THE GREAT '' book? The only reason it was the least boring of the five meeting was that it was only 1 hour and cookies,cake and coffee were available after the weekly study.

  • LostGeneration

    My list matches yours while I was brainwashed.

    Once I woke up though, the WATCHTOWER STUDY quickly went to the top of the list. Consider the method used to "study" the material

    1) Have the troops pre-study 2) Reading the paragraph out loud. 3) Ask question where troops spit out an answer almost verbatim from the paragraph. 4) Have others chime in re-stating the material again, without bringing in outside research.

    Pure brainwashing.

  • flipper

    All of 'em

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I never could understand why the WTS insisted that we had 5 meetings. We had a Tuesday meeting, a Thursday meeting with 2 different formats and a Sunday meeting with 2 formats. Do you think they think it made the JW's sound more studious & holy by saying they went to 5 meetings a week?

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I hated the ministry school the most - too many presenters who could barely read.

  • tootired2care

    For me, I most dreaded midweek meetings and Saturday morning field service. I would almost have a mini-anxiety attack before every Thurs night meeting the last two years I was in.

  • happytobefree

    tootired2care I WOULD have an anxiety panic attack before the Thursay meeting...I thought it was the devil trying to keep me away.

  • tootired2care

    @happytobefree - proof that meetings are bad for your health. It is good to be free!

  • Pterist

    Ministry school....totally fake, made me feel like a car sales man.

  • pixel

    All of them. As posters are saying, we don't have 5 meetings, we have 2 meetings. Btw, I like a lot your "name" Rules and Regulation.

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