Evidence of Supernatural Ability

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  • Xanthippe

    Cofty said of Charles Tart

    'I assume it means that he has failed to publish a scientific paper in a peer reviewed journal.'

    Information Transmission Under Conditions of Sensory Shielding, Charles T. Tart, Harold E Puthoff, Nature, 18.10.74

    Information Transmission in Remote Viewing Experiments, Charles T. Tart, Harold E Puthoff, Russell Tara, , Nature, 13.3.80

    Marijuana Intoxication : Common Experiences, Charles T.Tart, Nature, 23.5.70

    More on Extrasensory Induction of Brain Waves , Charles T Tart, Science, 7.1.66

    ESP Research, Charles T Tart, Science, 15.12.78

    Is the Paranormal "Normal"?, Charles T Tart, Science,15.2.80

    There are more on the websites for the Nature and Science journals. I just am too tired to type any more out. Just put Caharles Tart in the search box.

  • cofty

    If Tart published a paper in '74 showing verifiable evidence for telepathy and another one in '80 about remote viewing - what happened?

    Do you think maybe the paper didn't stack up?

  • Xanthippe

    What do you mean what happened Cofty? Are you referring to the article you quoted yesterday from Wikipedia that was negative about him? Seriously, Wikipedia?

  • cofty

    Xan - You quoted Tart as if his research had shown that the paranormal had scientific foundation.

    I did a 10 second search and found criticism of his work quoted on Wiki and suggested there may be grounds for skepticism of his assertions. That was a reasonable use of Wiki. I had neither the time nor interest to research any further.

    I know nothing about his work but I do know that Randi's $1m remains unclaimed. If Tart or anybody else has published papers establishing proof of the paranormal I am guessing we would have heard.

    I'm not the one making extraordinary claims.

  • cofty

    Here is an article about Tart you may want to take into consideration...

    As for Tart's claim about the significance of ESP and ESP research, I can only call them self-serving claims of an incompetent egoist or naive claims of a deluded psychologist.

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