A Nut or Criminals Will Always Find A Way To Kill Or Hurt Someone If They Want To

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  • mamochan13

    I don't disagree, Min. I do think, however, that there is validity to BizzyB's argument that if we make it harder for a nut job to carry out a plan to wreak havoc, it will lessen the chances of success. I mean, this is why we are told to use secure locks and make our homes difficult to break into - the idea is the would-be thief will give up and go elsewhere, or become more likely to get caught because of expending more time and effort. Why give a nut or a criminal an easy tool?

    I did want to comment on the role this boy's mother played, though. Keeping in mind that we still don't know much about what really happened, I think she was a big-time enabler who bears responsibility. I've worked in family support with families similar to the one in the "I am Adam's mother" blog. I remember one family had a 13-year old son who tried to burn their house down several times. They subsequently made sure that he never had access to any potential firestarter materials. It's a no-brainer, really. For this mother to provide guns and train her son in their use when she knew he had all kinds of mental health and behavioural issues screams dissonance to me. Something very wrong with the picture.

  • minimus

    Justin Bieber almost got kidnapped, abused and killed by some nut jobs. If a crazed person sets out to kill or maim, they often will.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    Jwoods: "I thought he used two semi-automatic pistols to do the shooting and left the rifle in his car."

    No, he used the Bushmaster. Up to 11 bullets in every body.


  • Twitch
    Justin Bieber almost got kidnapped, abused and killed by some nut jobs.


    If a crazed person sets out to kill or maim, they often will.

    True. But in Justin's case, it's expected and precautions are taken. Celebrities are magnets for the ill of mind it seems.

    One wouldn't think such threats should exist at a school.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    don't think Timothy McVeigh cared about gun control.

  • cyberjesus

    don't think Timothy McVeigh cared about gun control.

    oh yeah good point.. you could also said that we should ban airplanes cuz terrorists used them.....

  • besty

    @liberty marvin shilver

    The assault weapons bans implemented in the 1990's had no effect on violent crime according to government statistics so any future bans are purely emotional-feel-good-laws which do not address complex and perhaps unsovable problems like predicting who is a nut job killer who might snap at any moment and randomly kill strangers for no good reason.
    Murder rates using various methods are similar for most countries, it is only when specific killing methods are used such as gun-deaths, that the U.S.A. has a greater comparible number than other countries but dead is dead no matter the tools used.

    Maybe you need to consider who owns a handgun, given that 68.5% of firearm homicides involve handguns... also your logic of 'x didnt work before therefore y won't work in the future' is flawed.

    Murder rates are not 'similar for most countries' - what analysis did you perform to get to this conclusion? Just 3 comparisons for you - USA per capita intentional homicide rate 4.5 - the UK 1.2 - Germany 0.8.

    In other words the USA has almost 4x the homicide rate of the UK and almost 6x the homicide rate of Germany. But as you rightly point out once you narrow the focus to firearms, the USA really shines brightly as best in class - ie 74x that of the UK.

    Could it - just maybe - be something to do with the hundreds of millions of firearms in circulation in the USA? - Nah - surely not......lets focus on mental health issues instead - thats a much more nebulous subject with which to divert attention...

    In any case - the premise of the OP cancels out the 'I need to gun up for self-defense' theory, does it not?

  • designs

    Film maker and actor Quentin Tarantino, who makes the famously bloody genre films (Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs etc.) had pretty much the title of this thread in mind when he spoke about the children killed in Sandy Hook and said this stuff will always happen and nothing will change about the films he makes.

    Goodbye Quentin.

  • minimus

    Tarantino's movies are more fantasy and schtick and are not to be taken seriously.

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