A Nut or Criminals Will Always Find A Way To Kill Or Hurt Someone If They Want To

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  • james_woods
    The mother of this young man who killed all of those people seems like her life should have had some type of intervention before she amassed the firearms and ammunition she was able to get, some of her End Of The World views should have alerted the community.

    At the very least, she should have made it impossible for the son to get access to the weapons. She clearly knew that he was mentally disturbed.

    She was not DIRECTLY responsible for these killings, but she does bear some of the blame because of her actions.

  • minimus

    Some say the child killer was actually very intelligent but to me any dope can learn how to use a weapon and cowardly kill defenseless children. I'm glad he killed himself, that rotten piece of shit!

  • james_woods

    You can be quite smart and quite crazy at the same time.

    This mother knew that the kid was off his rocker.

  • minimus

    Yup, the mom had a hand in this. She should've doted loss on him.

  • undercover

    Too many people get sidetracked by the term "assault". Even the news reporters don't know the difference. I saw an FBI arms expert set straight a CNN reporter on the difference between an "asasult" rifle and a "sporting" rifle. The Bushmaster rifle reported to be used Friday is a legal semi-automatic weapon. The rifle used in Aurora was a legal semi-automatic rifle. Go ahead and ban 'assault' rifles. It won't stop the next nut from opening up in a school, mall, theater, etc. And even if you force weapon manufacturers to not style their sporting rilfes to appear as a military rifle, the next nut will use a Ruger or Remington hunting rifle. No real difference in the outcome. A crazy person with a gun, willing to shoot innocent people is the same, whether the gun "looks" like an assault weapon or your grandfather's squirrel rifle.

    I think there needs to be some kind of revamped gun control, but this knee-jerk reaction based on ignorance of actual weapon technology is not the way to start.

  • james_woods

    I thought he used two semi-automatic pistols to do the shooting and left the rifle in his car.

    Not that it makes a lot of difference...

    What Undercover says is true - this "assault rifle ban" mentality is in no way going to do anything to stop this kind of crime.

  • undercover

    I thought he used two semi-automatic pistols to do the shooting and left the rifle in his car.

    I've read some reports that said he used only pistols and then I read other reports that said he used a rifle. I'm sure there are conflicting reports all over the place and it will be a while before the facts are set straight.

  • cedars

    You've gotta admire the American spirit...

    Winning independence from Britain............ we can do it!!

    Colonizing the West... we can do it!!

    Defeating the Nazis and Japan simultaneously........... we can do it!!

    Putting a man on the moon........... we can do it!!!

    Providing equality for people of different races.......... we can do it!!!

    Winning the Cold War........... we can do it!!

    Fighting a war on terror........ let's give it a go!!

    Stopping guns from falling into the hands of psychos and people with a criminal record........ uh, that's a tough one. We give up.

    God bless America.



  • LongHairGal


    Sad but true!

    I was watching the news coverage this morning and it was mentioned this guy was bullied when he was younger. I wondered if this explained his hatred and desire to harm children.

    I know this story has brought out all the anti-gun people and I do agree that assault weapons have to go. I do still believe responsible people should (if they want) have a gun. I do not have a gun but believe in the right to have them.

    We are not going to wake up in paradise if guns are ever banned. On the contrary. EVERY criminal will still have a gun and they would be the only ones who are armed! I also have an uneasy feeling about all the police precincts cutting back and NOT responding to calls (as happened to a friend of mine in the summer when she called to report a prowler).

    I hate to make you laugh but a society where citizens are totally unarmed would have to be "the new system" OR else everybody will just be sitting ducks and good luck to them.

  • BizzyBee

    Criminals, even murderers, even mentally ill murderers are human beings first and therefore subject to some of the same human vagaries as the rest of us. Which means that we are suggestible, distractable, impatient, changeable, insecure, etc.

    Anything that thwarts or delays a person's intentions can allow time for his intent to be either modified or abandoned altogether. I don't think it hurts to make it more difficult for them to carry out an impulsive act.

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