A Nut or Criminals Will Always Find A Way To Kill Or Hurt Someone If They Want To

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  • besty
    the logic of what you posted here is really inescapable.

    saying its so dont make it so...

    that the USA has 74x the firearm homicide rate of the UK would offer more of a challenge to Houdini....

    and yes nutjobs will find a way to do what they want to do - the question for concerned folks in the USA is why your nutjobs are slaughtering your innocents on an increasingly regular basis using what I would call weapons of mass destruction...<sorry if I am not fully up to speed on the technical definitions like some of y'all>

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    Just for the record, owning a switchblade or gun silencer is not illegal under US Federal law. Ownership is one thing though. Purchasing is a wholly different thing. Even then, last I looked silencers could be legally purchased in most of the US. But it takes about three to four months to get a license to make the purchase. My guess is the average hillbilly will bristle at the questions they have to answer and submit to “Da Govmet” to make legal purchase with result that they just build their own. For sure anyone with criminal intent is not going to attempt legal purchase of a silencer and will, instead, make their own if they bother at all.

    Though government cannot absolutely control a given populace, it can influence it. This is why traffic laws work as well as they do.

    The trick is to find an effective means of influencing better outcomes. If means and methods change then a stagnant law will likely become less effective. It would be nice if we could write parametric laws that would self-adapt in the face of changing means and methods. But insofar as I can tell, on the occasions such a law was attempted it ended up being horribly misused, sometimes to the point of attempted genocide. Hence we find laws written in contemporary terms and in need of adaptation nearly as soon as it hits the printed page.

    Tis an ongoing struggle of every society on the face of planet earth.

    Marvin Shilmer


  • designs

    The man who was arrested Saturday for making threats against a school just blocks from his home had 47 firearms in his home, 47, shouldn't that have raised some questions and a deeper look into the buying and registering of that many weapons by Law Enforcement.

  • PSacramento

    There is an issue in the USA, that issue is violence.

    It must be dealt with by the people that most suffer from it: SOCIETY.

    WHat are YOU doing about it?

  • minimus

    I think gun proponents believe the gov't wants to take away all their guns. Being a gun collector is not the issue here. Using any means to obliterate people is the problem. WHY do people want to kill others? That's a question people have asked from Cain and Abel's day. Whatever the reasons are, killings will occur. If the gunman was traumatized by being bullied when he was younger, then what?? You could educate people as to the evils of bullying but people will still do it. MOST people will not go crazy and shoot up a school later on in life. But when someone decides to pull a trigger, who's fault is it??

    It's the nutjob's.

  • minimus


  • Liberty

    Undercover explained some of what I wanted to point out. An assault weapon by definition must have the capability to select between fully automatic(machine gun) and semi-automatic fire. The trigger must be pulled for each shot in semi-automatic fire while in full auto the trigger is pulled once for multiple shots until the trigger is released. Fully automatic weapons have been strictly regulated since the early 1930's. Regulated full auto weapons for restricted civilian use are very rare and expensive with even the lowest priced ones being in the $3000.00 range not to mention the Class 3 taxes which must be paid even if you are approved and can find one for sale.

    By definition the weapons used by these shooters so far have NOT been assault weapons but merely cosmetic copies. These rifles look like military weapons but do not fully function like them and, in fact, are missing key components needed to make them select fire. Any semi-automatic rifle functions in basically the same way as they fire each time the trigger is pulled one shot at a time until the magazine is empty. I hear the term "heavy weapons" or "large caliber" thrown around when the media talks about this subject but these are untrue as well. These weapons, even when in military configuration, are classified as small arms and the ammunition is actually much smaller and less powerful than most common hunting rounds. Even small .22 bullets can kill you so most of the descriptions from the media or politicians describing how deadly these bullets are is simply an exaggeration since all bullets and rifles can be deadly, especially when shooting densly packed children at less than 20 feet. In the case of shooting children or adults trapped in a room while holding them at bay with multiple weapons even bolt action or pump action weapons would be devestating so I'm not sure how the high capacity magazines are an issue either, most especially since the shooter had no intention of making it out alive.

    Banning cosmetic military gun look-alikes would not "solve" the problem since any semi-auto gun would be just as deadly which is why most countries that impliment strict gun restrictions allow only single shot weapons which is what the gun control crowd will continue to push for if not a complete ban on civilian ownership of any and all firearms. Any gun of any type in the hands of a crazed killer who does not care if they get out alive or not are as dangerous as any other chosen weapons used by crazed suicidal killers bent on killing randomly using motor vehicles, petrol bombs, or any other items a sick mind can envision being used for destructive purposes.

    The assault weapons bans implemented in the 1990's had no effect on violent crime according to government statistics so any future bans are purely emotional-feel-good-laws which do not address complex and perhaps unsovable problems like predicting who is a nut job killer who might snap at any moment and randomly kill strangers for no good reason. Murder rates using various methods are similar for most countries, it is only when specific killing methods are used such as gun-deaths, that the U.S.A. has a greater comparible number than other countries but dead is dead no matter the tools used.

    It is also wise to keep in mind that the greatest mass murders by any measure have always been commited by governments throughout all of history both before and after the invention of firearms. The primary purpose for the 2nd amedment was for individuals to have access to weapons so that the government did not have a monopoly on deadly force. When civillians are unarmed we know what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and numerous other governments tend to do with their unlimited powers. I'll take my chances with a few individual wackos against the monster of government any day.

    I don't even want imagine how hard it is to lose your child to such random madness. I really wish we knew how to stop it but crazy murderous humans are much like natural disasters or accidents that take lives without any warning and which cannot be legislated away.

  • moshe

    There is a ton of military ordinance hidden away that authorities know nothing about. They just arrested someone in Alabama that had stolen hand grenades and other government material from the Anniston Armory where he worked- It sounded like the armory didn't even know the hand grenades had gone missing yet. When Australia banned large caliber firearms they had a amnesty turn in of weapons and one guy brought in a twin 40mm akak anti-aircraft cannon, with ammunition for it. I suppose he wanted to be prepared in case there was an alien invasion of UFO's at his place.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    What you write is so true. Because the rifle used by the shooter looks like an army assault rifle then it gets headlines while every hunter in the nation knows a standard issue 30.06 is every bit as devastating and maybe more so. Both are devastating to tissue. Both are available as semi-automatic.

    But that’s just the surface of why the issue is much more involved than it seems at first glance. We’re surrounded with weapons today, and most of them are not recognized as weapons because of the convenience of off-the-shelf firearms. If we take what’s on the shelf down it just means folks look to the other shelf, which runneth over.

    I dare say most menfolk raised in rural agricultural America know how to build a devastating explosive device for completely legitimate reasons. I recall after 911 when dynamite got a lot harder to purchase for the average farmer. The farmer didn’t really care. He already knew what he’d use instead. For sure the millions of Americans who’ve been trained in the military have received training in improvised explosive devices. They know. The information and know-how is all around us, and that is what’s on the other shelf.

    Are we going to start regulating products we use to wrap our leftover food with?

    Are we going to start regulating what we spread on our vegetable garden?

    Are we going to start regulating what we clean our houses with?

    Are we going to start regulating what we use as engine fuels?

    Are we going to start regulating residual waste materials generated by carpenters all across the nation?

    Well that’s how accessible are the materials needed to form weapons far, far more devastating than semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15 and Glock 9mm. So where do we start?

    Marvin Shilmer

  • designs

    Most people have enough dangerous chemicals under their kitchen sink and in the garden shed to do serious damage.

    Doctors and nurses are trained to spot physical abuse and perhaps signs of mental disorders, teachers need more training in these areas. Annual checkups required for each new school term may help identify at risk kids.

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