The Early Morning Field Service Scam.

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  • Dagney

    Yep, "early work."

    One of my favorites was about 7:30am on a work day driving by a Starbucks in downtown. On a bench outside were two older seesters holding their mags up and having a great conversation between themselves, pay no mind to the people going in and out of the Starbucks.

    It's amazing how the WBTS has these people thinking they are chosen and doing a "lifesaving" work.

  • BlindersOff1

    Every hour engaged in this busy work is one less hour they can be doing real research on the internet . Learning TTATT

  • Finkelstein

    A lot about being a JWS is show and tell, a kind of see what I'm doing or what I have done but what about you ?

    The longing guilt trip flourishes inside each congregation and to each individual as a whole.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Best one I ever saw- My wife wanted to meet her best friend who lives on a tropical island that you take the ferry to. Our plane landed, we got to the ferry, got across, and there she was sitting on a bench in the little town square with her pioneer friends. Everybody was walking at least 20 feet or more from the bench, it was situated to be out of foot traffic. The sisters were dutifully holding up mags that anyone passing by with young eyes might just be able to make out "Watchtower" or "Awake" on, but not the rest of what they might say.

    We approached the sisters and they were having the grandest time talking to each other. They went on to tell us what a fantastic day of "service" this was because they managed to get down here early and claimed a free parking space and claimed the bench before others could get it- I guessed the only others who would take the bench were tourists or old people, so screw them.

    Not a word about how productive their day was. They talked about how much time they got in and what a great lunch they brought with them, so much better than anything you could buy here, and how they didn't have to use their gasoline all day to get their time in.

  • Scott77

    but they spend more money on gas, to trick themselves into thinking they sell it to the world

    jokes on them they forces themselves to buy their own BS


    Very true, I have been part of this scam of course. It was a waste of gas and milege.


  • sir82

    Man, you've got some hyperactive JWs, compared to the ones I see around here.

    Here, we have 2 JWs sitting on a city bench, talking to each other, completely and utterly ignoring all passersby.

    One of the JWs holds up a couple of magazines in her hand. If she is feeling particularly lazy, she just leaves them on her lap.

    No effort whatsoever is made to even achieve eye contact with anyone, much less start a conversation.

    But they get their time in! That's the important thing, right?

  • tootired2care

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of that 1.6 billion hours is spent on street work, coffee breaks, taking circuitous routes, and just milling around between houses. I bet it's a lot!

  • ShirleyW

    My fave are the three or sometimes four Sisters in the Rockefeller Center subway station, needless to say, one ofthe busiest in the city. Do they stand at the "main" exit that gets the most folks all day long . .. . . nnooooooo, they stand at the exit which is so empty that during the day, the turnstyles are gates are pulled shut during the midday because there's no traffic.

    That's where our dear sisters stand during the day and count their precious hours for seven old men in Brook. . . I mean to Jehovah

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition
    I used to do that at least once a month. Start at 7am, ride around to landromats, convience stores, gas stations. Drop off mags. You'd end up getting around 10 placements (depending on how many dropoffs there were). Then count your time straight through the FS meeting at 9:30 and by noon, you'd be setting at a sweet 5 hrs.

    I used to do this to increase my time time too. Lately though I just can't get up early enough to do the laundromat thing. By the way until today I never realized laundromat was spelled the way it is. Always assumed it was laundreymat. Last Thursday evening when I walked into the KH before the meeting started I saw a sister in the kitchen/multi-purpose room/whatever the hell you want to call it, writing furiously at the table. I joked with her, "uh ohhhh, somebody didn't realize they had a talk tonight!!" She corrected me however and told me she was doing letter writing to keep her time going. I replied, "There ya go!!" as if it were something practical we both learned from a TED talk. It's all about the time.

    I went out in service Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon with the latter being an attempt to add some life into the Sunday FS. Most people just don't want to go out on Sunday, myself included which is another case in point of how little I've come at telling people no. Funny how a point was made at the WT Study too about Jesus' words on "letting your yes mean yes, and your no mean no", and also not committing to an oath you don't or can't do. Both Saturday & Sunday appeared to be complete wastes of time. We talked to some people that day including one house that just experienced a death in the family, so my partner left them the brochure on losing a loved one in death. I hadn't seen that brochure in so long that I didn't recognize it immediately. I hadn't realized just how diverse the WT's brochure catalogue had become. It's just wasted print for the most part. They waste ink and paper, and JWs such as myself waste time peddling their final product which almost always ends up in the garbage can, either the householder's or the publishers.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It's amazing how the WBTS has these people thinking they are chosen and doing a "lifesaving" work.

    Nah, haven't you heard? It's a warning message -- a separating work.

    People can choose to serve Jehovah or not.

    (Whatever makes them feel productive.)


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