The Early Morning Field Service Scam.

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  • Satanus

    'Apparently we can count emails and TEXT messages (even if it's just a few words) as a return visit now.'

    Wow. So, dubs who post here likely count each post as a rv. Gotta luv it.


  • WTWizard

    Either way, it is a dreary way to waste the morning. Getting up at 6 in the morning just so you can waste time handing out wastes of paper (usually no one is there to accept them or no one wants them) sure is a boring way to spend time. I remember getting dragged into doing this, and the morning sure drags. I am always wondering when it is going to get close to 9 AM, and I feel I accomplished nothing. To compare, I have spent the same amount of time rigging up Christmas or Halloween lights, and it is nowhere near as dreary.

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    I knew of these two young pioneer sisters in Florida, they used to spend the day at the beach in their swimsuits, and just have the magazines on the corner of their beach blanket. Tons of hours, and a killer tan!



    When I was a Pioneer - about 100 years ago - we had a whole bag of tricks to get time in easily:

    Backcalls that gave us coffee so 2 of us could waste 30 minutes or so sitting down just delivering 2 magazines. Then a long slow walk in the sunshine to the next call and another coffee.

    Always stared my time early by putting a few out of date magazines through a few doors on the way to the house we were meeting at.

    Also counted my lunch break as an employee working an 8 hour day is entitled to do.

    One pioneer bought a small car so he could be more efficient. It worked so well he sold it. When I asked him why he said it saved too much time and he had gone back to walking so he could get his time in.

  • Cagefighter

    And they always used to say the first sign of an Apostate was when someone started saying the Field Service work was not necessary.... Yall all proved them right.

  • Fed-up


    try watching a spanish congretation with less than 30 people and 12 pioneers try to witness to the less than 400 spanish speaking people in the area. they street witness, witness on busses and door to door...they best part is, they complain about the economy and how most of the spanish speaking people have left and their territory is shrinking. Then the CO told them to start helping the English Cong work their territory ONCE a month. They all cried like babies.

    The BIGGEST waste of time I've ever seen is "canvassing" the territory for deaf or non english speaking people. Introducing themselves saying, "i'm a local volunteer looking for spanish speaking people in your you know any?" This is so stupid and a huge waste of time. Way to go pioneers!

    Who ever is in charge (maybe that's why they appointed Sanderson, they needed a whipping boy) has to realize the people doing this "work" are on auto and just going through the motions. The best part is that the people in charge sanction this! encourage it!

    Oh, and how long had it been since you asked for donation? Years? yeah, i know, but how many? There is not money rolling in anymore. People are finding out about how the money is being spent. Good thing for the KH scam and the assembly hall scam and the natural disaster scam. Before long they are going to start selling Miracle Wheat again...

  • Outaservice

    When I pioneered, I counted anything over 40 hours, 'time and a half'! That helped a lot and of course the Organization had to be as nice as my employer and give me two coffee breaks a day. I can't help it that I always got a very slow waitress!


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