When you were a jw....Christmas day...

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  • carla

    When you were a jw did you get together with family or other jw's on Christmas day? Most people have off so it would be convenient. In my mind, if you got together with family or jw's shared a meal or drinks, perhaps watched a movie or played games you did celebrate the day. Did you ever see it that way? The only difference is that you did not have a tree or presents. Many people reach an age or too large of family and they do not exchange gifts either, they just get together share a meal & drinks, perhaps watch a movie or play games.

  • DuckBharma

    I used to stay over Christmas Eve at my wordly Grandmother and then we would spend the day at my worldly younger sisters house with her husband, children and my father.

    Frankly I loved it as it was (and, despite my Gran recently passing away, always will be) a highlight of my year. Two days of guaranteed quality time with my 6 very favourite relatives, anyday I would take that over a boring morning at the Kingdom Hall followed by witnessing to people who more than at any time of year didn't want you bothering them.

    We used to exchange presents and that would bother me a little but figured it was done out of love so if Jehovah had a problem with it then, well, I'd worry about it at Armageddon. Perhaps not a great attitude for a brother but like many things the JWs look down on I really thought it wasn't a big deal.

  • UnConfused

    In my area the JW's took over the ski mountains.

  • mrsjones5

    Growing up it was either a very somber day spent at home or I was spending winter break with my mother's parents...no tree there either. Both equally dull and joyless.

  • clarity

    Carla ... hey aren't you supposed to be at an assembly??


    Well about xmas day ... sometimes I cooked a chicken ...

    you know ...a little smaller than a turkey, so it didn't count!


    The absolute idiotic, fowl thing we ever did was to drive

    around the neighborhood xmas eve ...LOOKING at all the

    pretty lights ...and saying that it would serve all those wordlies

    right, if armageddon came tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


    OMG my poor children. Our cong overseer did the same thing!


    For this reason alone ...this cult should be banned!


  • clarity

    edited to say sorry dble post

  • brokethechain

    Usually we slept in then had a big brunch at someone's house. Brunch with luxuries, like champagne and oj, lots of fruits and luxury fruits. Basically we celebrated xmas without the tree/music/decorations. Not much different than now for me, except I go to the xmas parties.

  • rebel8

    We sat around bored and depressed. Everything on tv was holiday-related so we had little to do except imagine what a great time our relatives were having without us.

    I dreaded it.

  • trillaz

    Taking part in christmas can be dreadful as well. You didn't miss anything.

  • SkyGreen

    We used to always have a congregation or family picnic somewhere. Just because its a public holiday and everyone has time off.

    these days my hubby has the day off so I have a lie in and he looks afr the kids, we might take them to the beach or if its too hot stay in, eat, drink, watch DVDs. Just enjoy it as a holiday really.

    To make sure they dont miss out on looking forward to something like other kids, i will be replacing Christmas with family gift days for my kids. In January after the post Xmas sales, and maybe one mid year too.

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