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  • confusedteenager


    I've been lurking on this website for a few years now and finally made an account. I have serious doubts about the organization in general and still have not made up my mind about what to believe. I'm constantly learning and trying to convince myself.

    In any event, hope I can make some nice friends around here to help me along the way.

    Name is Nancy by the way. :)

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    I have serious doubts about the organization in general and still have not made up my mind about what to believe.

    Follow the rabbit down the hole. You will like what you find. WELCOME!

  • Honeybucket

    Hi nancy-

    welcome, I hope that this site can help you get all the facts you need in order to make your decision to leave the WTS. If you doubt now, you doubt them in 10,20,30 years also. Dont continue to waste your life in a web of lies.

  • Retrovirus

    Welcome, Nancy

    you say I'm constantly learning

    That's a great philiosphy, even a life plan. Keep doing that . . and the light will get brighter


  • Pterist

    Welcome remember we all have something to learn and share.

    What are your main concerns ?

  • Chariklo

    Welcome, Nancy.

    You'll find people here with a very broad spectrum of experiences and widely differing points of view, though you already know that since you've been lurking for a while now.

    Just take your time. You're among friends.

  • cofty

    Hi Nancy, welcome to the forum.

    Keep researching and asking questions. There are lots of great threads in the archive and great information over at

    I wish I had asked questions when I was still a teenager!

    Make yourself at home.

  • cantleave

    Hi Nancy, welcome to the forum! Enjoy the ride, it can be scary at times.....


  • mouthy

    Welcome Nancy great to have you aboard. I am the old lady on board.

    They call me Granny ....But I am mouthy.

  • jgnat

    I'm going to make a BIG assumption here that you are a teenager, likely living at home.

    It is so normal at your age to start developing your ideas and ideals, separate from your parents. This is part of the glorious process to maturity. In my opinion this development is suppressed somewhat by the society, by its insistence that everyone believes the same. It is good to pause and question.

    Due to the extreme consequences of expressing indepedent views in a Witness home, I strongly suggest you keep those to yourself until you are moved out from home (hopefully in a college dorm, further developing your independence). You can always ask questions of your parents, as long as they are along the lines of "What do you think about....?"

    If you haven't committed to baptism yet, try and beg off until you are an adult. There is so much resposibility and consequences attached to baptism.

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