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    Hello and welcome!

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    l p

    Yes I agree with the posters here.... you dont have to be a pioneer or even go regularly to be a jw or keep your family...

    I stopped pioneering when I was 19 to go to college to do nursing...i knew i didn't want to be a jw but didnt have any way or plan of getting out...however a year later i tried to stop didnt work but 2 1/2 years later i successfully stopped going and my mother and sister stopped too.....

    my nursing career has grown and now im a senior nurse and am going to start another degree next year.....

    so my advice is like the others....start investing in your own education to get a career - so you can support yourself.....

    if you are depressed - go see a doctor and get treatment/support (you may have to see a psychiatrist, no shame in that...I do and he told me that he treats heaps and heaps of Jws... so there are obviously alot of unhappy people in the go and get yourself support)

    then the next step would be to get some more support through another organisation - im in Australia and we have Womens centres which deal alot with domestic/family violence.....dont rule this 'outing or shunning' another is considered domestic or family you could go and start the counselling process there as they understand women and will know all the resources that will be available to you when you want to make a move and leave or if it all turns to shit sooner than you planned...they can help and support you practically and emotionally....

    you can always message me too

    Lp xx

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    Welcome , glad to have you on board , and like most posters suggest take it slow and easy , you are obviously young and their are more experienced hands than mine who can give you guidance as to handle your" fade" as I would recommend .You dont want to unneccassarily rock the boat with your peers or family so take it easy , you have youth on your side , their is no hurry to exit . I wish you all the best .


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    Welcome to JWN.


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    The Society encourages the brothers and sisters to learn about it's history and to read the Bible. I encourage you to do the same.

    You will come to find that the major beliefs we hold close to the heart and makes us so "different" originated not with the Charles Russell and the Bible Students but with other 18th and 19th century religious thinkers - Adventists in particular. Reading the Bible without Watchtower commentary intervening is nearly impossible at the beginning. Just take some time and quietly educate yourself.

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    Welcome Nancy, great to have you here, finally

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    You might want to check out

    There you will find a lot of things the WTS has done or published in the past, things you can find out from WT literature itself.

  • confusedteenager

    Thank you everyone for the great advice! I know my heart isn't in this organization and eventually I will probably make the decision to leave, but for now I guess I need to confirm that notion, and then figure how to go about making a "plan b" for myself as many have suggested. Fading in time definitely does seem like the better option then just leaving. We shall see. By the way, I'm eighteen, for those who were asking.

    Thanks again everyone! :)

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    much love,


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    Hello and welcome!

    Loz x

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