Hello to everyone - new member from Scotland - just registered and wanted to introduce myself

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  • 88JM

    Greetings to you all from Scotland! It's nice to finally be able to say hello to you all, having been a long time reader of the forum.

    I put off signing up as I didn't feel I had much to contribute, but if I'm honest, seeing Atlantis' post about confidential information pushed me into it.

    I hope I can get round to writing my story - I always enjoy reading others and it never ceases to amaze me how many have had similar experiences.

    So there goes my first post!


  • BroMac

    welcome. 88JM

    what is your status? in, fader, out, DA, DF

    I like Scotland. We visit regularly. Loch Lomond is a nice place to be.

  • Lozhasleft

    Hello and welcome! I actually think that everyone who has had contact with the WTBS has something to contribute on here. Our members over the pond are probably asleep just now but I'm sure you'll get a fond welcome over the next 24 hours. I look forward to reading your story when you feel like sharing it.

    Loz x (currently in England)

  • cofty

    Hi 88JM - welcome to the forum, I'm glad you started posting.

    I grew up in Airdrie, and have lived in Dalkeith and Hawick. I am now living just over the border with the sanssenachs ;)

    Look forward to hearing your story when you get time.

  • bigmac

    hi 88JM--i'm at the opposite end to you--on the isle of wight.

    if youre on facebook--PM me and i can link you to a UK group of ex's

    also bumped a thread with exUK members on here

  • cantleave

    Hi Welcome to the Forum, with a name like Angus Robertson you would expect me to up in Scotland, but alas I am a Southampton lad!

  • soft+gentle


  • irondork

    Howdy 88JM! It's 6am on the U.S east coast. This side of the pond is starting to wake up grope for the coffee maker.

    Welcome to the board.

  • 88JM

    Thanks all for your warm welcome.

    BroMac - I'm currently still in (I like to think I'm nearly out mentally) and trying desperately to do a fade.

    I'm actually also from England originally, but moved up with family quite a few years ago.

    I'm already a member of a couple of exJW LGBT groups on Facebook which have been great help.

  • besty

    hi 88JM - exiled Scot here - living in London for 15 years now - DF'd 5 years ago - best possible outcome for my family - freedom is precious - don't waste too much time fading if your ongoing lifestyle is likely to get you in hot water - rip the bandaid and move on ...IMHO

    do you know how to check your Personal Messages? click the envelope icon top right besife your username. If the message fails to load first time, refresh the browser...and note that you probaly have 10 posts per 24 hours until you get more established on the forum...

    welcome to the rest of your life - you are driving now...:-)

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