The January 1st Watchtower Admits That JWs Have Been Wrong As To Their Expectations Of The End!...but

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  • Finkelstein

    When you really think about it, since the WTS. has been bullshitting to the public for over a century, they now have only one

    direction to take and that is deny themselves who and what this organization was from its very beginning.

    Religious charlatans.

    They've falsified many doctrines which were established to attract attention from the public eyes and ears, now they

    logically have to falsify their own actions from the past to appeal to their present postion.

  • flipper

    Wow . So freaking arrogant. Good lord. The quote : " Likewise, we have had some wrong expectations about the end. But we are MORE concerned about with obeying Jesus and SAVING LIVES than with AVOIDING CRITICISM. " Didn't they just admit their timetables are wrong ? Yet they persist in deluding people ?

    Translation , what WT leaders REALLY mean is : " Yeah, we know we have been wrong in our predictions of the " end " but we don't care what anybody thinks we're just going to keep making people THINK we know what we're talking about and still insist that Jesus is USING US to save lives and anyone who is critical of us can go to hell ! " Incredible. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • jgnat

    I'd like to say a word about "keeping on the watch". The bible analogies talk about being prepared. Have enough oil on hand for the lamps, for instance. No-one "keeps on the watch" through the whole night. You will inevitably fall asleep in the early hours. What you do is set out a plan, to each stay awake in shifts through the night.

    Everyone needs their rest.

    Witnesses are killing themselves, keeping their eyelids open with toothpicks at the assemblies.

    If it is sleepifying, sleep!

    Go on that vacation! Take a break! Breathe!

  • vangogh

    what they also need to do is to admit to all the damage that they have been the cause of in peoples lives. broken marraiges, loss of a person's chance of further education and all the other crap that they have fed to people thats caused so much damage,yes and lost lives too.

  • mamochan13

    I guess they need to start adjusting their focus since they've been wrong so many times. How much longer can they keep telling their followers that the end is at hand? They need to convince people to stick around for other reasons.

  • pixel

    So, let me get this straight. The GB LOVES to gives ilustrations so we can learn, in their ilutration, they say:

    "Consider this example: A lookout in a fire tower might see what he thinks is a wisp of smoke on the horizon and sound what proves to be a false alarm. Later, though, his alertness could save lives."

    So, in the ilustration:

    The person in the fire tower=GB/FDS
    Message= False alarm

    According to their own ilustration, they gave false alarms. False alarm=False profet.

    They just shot themselves in their foot.


    I agree that a Christian should stay alert. The problem as already mentioned is that the Lookout ( GBFDS ) decided that it was not enough to stay alert. The lookout decided to authorize themselves to execute any of the villagers who pointed out their false alarms. The lookout became a legend in their own mind. So when a honest villager went and investigated the wisp of smoke and found it to be an smoldering camp fire and not the start of a conflagration as the lookout claimed, then the lookout murdered him.

    With each kill the lookout learned that the best way to escaper criticism was to kill any villagers that dared to point out his mistakes. At the same time he statred a propaganda campaign to remind the villagers that all their lives depended upon complete and unquestioning loyalty to the lookout. He had saved them from countless disasters that they were not even qualified to recognize! He even forbid the villagers to investigate any wisps of smoke by confining them to the village for their own safety. Any questions about wisps of smoke must be answered from the lookout himself.

    Through slick political scheming the lookout had himself appointed as King over the village! Now King Lookout overlaid his tower with ivory! All wisps of smoke were disseminated from the King through his Generals for the villagers. They were only too happy to work in the fields for the Great King Lookout. After all, his unfailing vision kept their village safe from harm. Parents would tell their small children about the Great King Lookout while tucking them in bed every night. If they were good then when they grew up they could serve the King as well!

    From time to time a villager would disobey and investigate a wisp of smoke. They would be swiftly punished until they understood the wisdom of the King. For those who went so far as to openly dispute the Kings predictions a swift death or exile was meted out. By making a public example of all dissenters the villagers were reminded of how they were dependent on King Lookout for life itself. All felt safe and secure inside the village..


  • NVR2L8


  • jgnat

    To continue with your story, DATA-DOG, the villagers, though feeling fairly secure, were getting tired. Any time of day or night, they had to bundle up all their belongings and run to the hills whenever another false alarm was called. Some had failed to plant or harvest their crops in time. Life was hard and poor, but they consoled themselves that at least they would be saved while the prosperous farmers down the valley slept secure in their beds.

  • pixel

    DATA, that's a horor story right there!

    Good job

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