"Must you stop?"

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  • Listener

    A person cannot be organized if they are always obsessed about chasing a few extra minutes here and there to do something.

  • unstopableravens

    with it getting dark at 430 , the kids will not have much time to play, its so hard growing up a jw, no normal life and if you do stop early , your made to feel guilty.

  • cantleave

    Too many are waking up and leaving the cult - stop them thinking by filling their lives with brain numbing activity........

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    It sounds to me like this is all part of an intricate mind game they like to play with the members. Notice how they move the bar ever so slightly by saying 'a few more minutes'. After all, who can argue with just a few more minutes? They make it sound so easy to do, and that it wouldn't even take more than an hour to hit that extra return visit. I feel that it's all a matter of them moving the goalposts without seeming too unreasonable in the process. People are then subliminally conditioned to want to do more, both for their own benefit before 'Jehovah' and to make a favourable impression amongst others. Then when the 'suggested donation' amounts come out, why not give just a little extra? When there's a Kingdom Hall to be built, make a tiny sacrifice and hold off on getting your children that toy they've been wanting. Just a small sacrifice. You wont even notice it and they can afford to wait. It's always 'More, More, More!' In the end you have nothing left physically, emotionally, or monetarily to give. All you have is them, and when you aren't as productive as you once were, you can sit in the back and not get in the way.

  • pajaha

    I remember we used to talk about "cat witnesses" - the ones who would always say "I've done me 'our" and then go home.

  • baltar447

    Must be alot of 'dem "Cat Witnesses". Good luck herding cats, WT:


  • whathappened

    Yuck, after reading that suggestion from the kingdom ministry I want to hurl!

  • Skbj

    This is so funny! Try find someone "in the streets" or answering the door after 12pm in Italy or France, or Spain. Good luck.

    They are all busy eating.

    If I still was a dub I'd answer: I stop because I have better common sense than you to know when enough is enough, you do not F up with people's lunch time in those countries.

  • Perry

    I REALLY identify with that hampster where he loses it and starts going around and around uncontrollably. That's why I quit.... the WT congregation was just too hostile of an environment.

  • cedars

    Interesting comments everyone. I think this brief article is one of the worst-conceived articles I have read in a while. It's what you might call a "page filler". There is no purpose for it, it gives no information, it doesn't do anything other than state the obvious, and in so doing assumes that everyone who reads it is stupid.

    Here's an example...

    But do you discontinue your preaching simply because others in the group do or because it is the custom in your area to stop at a certain time?

    The writer assumes that most publishers live their lives in utter conformity with what everyone else around them is doing. If someone stops doing the door-to-door work, it must be because they are wrongly following the negative example of everyone else around them. The thought that they might just be stopping because they feel like stopping doesn't occur to the writer.

    In the writer's mind, if a publisher decides to stop for lunch at 12 or 1pm, it must be because they are following a rigid local trend of stopping for lunch at a set time. If anyone on this forum can name a single part of the planet where it is the local "custom" for EVERYONE to stop for lunch at a certain time, please let me know. I can't think of anywhere on Earth that would do that. Actually, I can think of one place...

    If anyone is guilty of such robotic and pre-determined behavioral patterns and obsession with timekeeping, it is the bethel families around the world - indeed, the very writers of this article.

    Do they carry on with writing their crappy "how to live your lives" articles when the rest of the bethel family leaves for lunch in time to be at the bethel dinner table? I doubt it. So why push this crap on us?


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