What being cheap costs us.. Fatal accident involving bus full of JWs

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  • RubaDub

    I will say that a lot of brothers in my cong. were not happy when the Society sold the Assembly Hall in Ft Lauderdale. It was less than a 30 minute drive for us. The West Palm Beach center is closer to an hour and a half.

    It was disgusting that they claimed that they could not get the $20,000 to operate the building for the weekend. That is around $1,000,000 per year.

    I'm sorry, you could give a private company half of that and the building would be maintained. Every 5-7 years do a special request for the assembly hall upgrade (carpets, roof, fixtures, etc.) and the brothers would have been happy to donate for that purpose.

    Instead, the building gets sold and it's now a long hike for many, especially the older ones (but then, who really cares about them anyway?)

    Rub a Dub

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