need to talk/vent. wifey wt problems

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  • unstopableravens

    torn apart: i have done that many times, now she says no study. i know if i force her nothing to work ,so i will respect her wish. ecw: im glad your mate came out(since im going to try to meet punk i will talk like a brit) .i just wish my situation was not a bloody mess. part my fault i suppose.

  • punkofnice

    Ravens -

    i will talk like a brit

    Cor, blimey, guv'nor. We're cockneys!

  • unstopableravens

    lol thats great! even thou i dont know what any of those words mean, plus i did not sleep last nite i have been so upset about this whole thing!

  • hoser

    Read the bible with her my friend. Just the bible by itself.

  • Left in the Cold
    Left in the Cold

    I feel so badly for everyone who is going through this. I couldn't honestly go back to a meeting or assembly for anyone or anything. I would set there and go nuts. I don't believe I've seen anyone mention marriage therapy. Just a thought. Let her pick the therapist. Most likely the therapist will feel that she needs to let you make your own decision about religion and beliefs, but if you have a good therapist, he/she could be very helpful in allowing your wife to understand your point. That's a thing she probably isn't likely to do on her own it seems. I wouldn't be on here today if my psychologist hadn't asked me if I really felt that Jehovah's Witnesses had the only "true" religion. Of course, she did not ask me this for sometime, but I know therapy can open minds. Maybe she would take the suggestion well if you told her you wanted to learn to communicate better, be a better husband (and all that). It's just a thought. God knows I'm no good at marriage myself.

    Also, I can say undoubtly that comforting words are great, but flowers and small gifts (and the like) would go a long way in backing up what you say. Not everyday or anything, but as much as some women say they don't want these things, we do. It's just another way to assure her of your love. And she is lucky. A lot of men I know wouldn't bother trying. You're a good guy.

  • leavingwt

    Never discuss doctrine.

  • Hermano
    hermano: im glad your able to do that with ur wife,and i will do what i can to give her space and love her etc... but i cant go to the hall ,i would take her if she needed a ride. maybe ur wifes personality is different i dont know.

    My wife has mellowed out quite a bit, unstopableravens. At one point she left me because she couldn't stand that I didn't want to be a JW. Oddly enough she mellowed out right around the same time I did.

  • unstopableravens

    left out thanks: does healt insurance pay for that. lwt: not a issue anymore sde does not want to discuss anything spiritual

  • punkofnice

    Ravens -

    she does not want to discuss anything spiritual

    I loathe the way JWs use the word ''spiritual'' as if they have the monopoly on it.

    In these instances the word ''spiritual'' falls into the category of ''loaded language''. It has it's own meaning in JW land and it really means WBT$ doctrine.

    Not discussing anything ''spiritual''(TM) is you DF'd in her eye. Keep off doctrine. Don't try too hard. The WBT$ will use her zealousness to punish you, they're evil like that.

  • free spirit
    free spirit

    I'm sorry Ravens. The WT is doing what it does best, breaks up families. :(((

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