Mighty Led Zeppelin Soars Again ! New CD/DVD of 2007 London Concert .....

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  • flipper

    These guys are awesome still ! It's like they never went away ! With John Bonham's son Jason on drums he really captured his dad's spirit ! All 4 guys were on top of their game . We just purchased the new cd/dvd last week and watched it last night. Incredible. One of the best shows ever.

    Led Zeppelin was just honored at the Kennedy Center last week and Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones were on the David Letterman show last night. Really engaging guys, John Paul Jones dry cutting wit and humor took David Letterman off guard, was funny as hell.

    Here is an version of Kashmir from the Celebration Concert of 2007 and I'll come back and try to post the youtube of the band's intervew with Letterman. Have a great day ! If you can purchase this CD/DVD - do it ! Who knows ? If it does well and Zep get's a great response we may see them back recording new music and going on tour together again ! Would be a dream come true for me ! Lovin' me some Zeppelin - always ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper


  • flipper

    Here's the Zeppelin appearance on David Letterman last night . Could only find this minute and a half snppet on youtube right now, hopefully more will be posted later , enjoy :


  • fakesmile

    screw zep. if they cared about the fans they would be on tour now. at least the eagles put aside their beef to rock ballz for their fans.

  • flipper

    FAKESMILE- So I guess you have Zeppelin's problems and motives all figured out, huh ? The main reason the guys haven't gone on tour since 2007 is Robert Plant's been very busy producing the album he did with Allison Krausse then touring with her promoting it and also more recently last year with other fellow musicians on the group Band of Joy. Then finishing a tour with that album. Also John Paul Jones did an album with Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers getting together with other rock artists as " Them Crooked Vultures ".

    It doesn't always mean that musicians are pissed at each other or their fans when they don't tour. They're just busy fulfilling other contract obligations with other musicians. By the way , since you are hinting at Led Zeppelin's selfishness- the concert they did in 2007 at London Paladium was a benefit concert for Artegun the Atlantic records owner and the proceeds would go to budding musicians and a school for up and coming musicians.

    It's really a smart marketing move on Zep's part to release this concert 5 years after the fact since they've been busy. Now they can sit back and see how well the CD/DVD sells and then decide if there is enough interest for a possible tour or even to record new music together. I hope they do

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    if there is enough interest for a possible tour

    Didn't Millions try to buy the few tickets available in 2007. I doubt there is any question how lucrative a tour would be. Plant has stated some qualms about performing

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    'screw Zep'. Oh my fakesmile, thems fighting words.....

    I sure hope they do tour agian, it's been so long. That would be my dream concert.

    I saw them in 1974 or 5 at the Oakland Coliseum, CA. It was kind of strange, having been there for District Assemblies. Wasnt used to stepping over barf and the smell of weed and beer. hehe

    Hey there Flipper, I will be getting that DVD/CD.

    Peace out to you too.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes great concert for Zep fans

    For those that download torrents, here's a link for the entire concert on bluray 1080p


  • NewChapter

    I went to a bluegrass concert a few years back, and John Paul Jones played with other performers. I got a pic with him. They have lives and careers outside of Zeppelin, so it's unfair to get angry at them for not touring as a band. They've given us a lot, and pretty much have the right to persue other avenues. BTW, JPJ did a rendition of Going to California on the mandolin that was absolutely incredible. It brought tears to my eyes. It sounded like a classical piece, and was hard to believe he made such music on such a tiny instrument.

    That said, I always think there will come the day when I'll be tired of Zeppelin and all the old songs---it just never happens. I'm really emotionally connected to their music.

    If you ever see the tribute band, Zoso, in your area, give them a try. Of course, they are not Led Zeppelin, yet the Rolling Stone wrote them up as the greatest tribute band. I've seen them quite a few times, and it's really a blast. They stay true to character and have really done their research. And they are great musicians. It's probably the closest I'll ever get to seeing them live, as Bonham died just before they were scheduled to hit my town. I was a teenager and heard the news on the radio I was allowed to play. Devastating because I never wanted their music to stop.

  • MrFreeze

    I have a strong dislike for Plant. I'm sorry but his solo stuff is not all that great. He doesn't care about Zeppelin fans. All he cares about is peddling crap to win grammy's and sell some records. He is the only thing keeping them from going on tour again.

  • flipper

    WHA HAPPENED ? - Indeed, I agree with you. Millions of people wanted tickets and only thousands were available for the 2007 concert. So, yeah, I know there would be high demand once Zeppelin started again touring or recording, but they may just be testing the water right now with the release of the " Celebration Day " CD/ DVD . I hope they do get going again.

    EVA LUNA- That must have been a freaking awesome concert in 1974/1975 when you went ! I would have LOVED to see them perform live and have been there. I love watching them live on my various DVD performances of them, I can only imagine what being there would be like ! I'm glad you're getting the CD/DVD - you won't be dissapointed ! Peace to you too !

    FINKELSTEIN- Thanks for the link to the concert. Appreciate it.

    NEW CHAPTER- I agree with you New Chapter - these guys sold their souls to the public for years so if they want to grow as musicians and people and pursue other interests, more power to them ! No reason to get mad at all , I agree. That must have been really cool seeing John Paul Jones play the mandolin on " Going to California " ! You met him too didn't you ? Awesome. Another song I love his mandolin playing on is " Battle of Evermore " . Unless Page plays it on that song, I don't remember. I'm like you, I'm really connected emotionally to their music as I was a teenager in the mid 70's in high school rocking out to Physical Graffiti. I get goosebumps every time I hear Stairway to Heaven, sometimes it gets me misty eyed. Zoso is a great Zeppelin tribute band ? I'll have to check them out sometime ! We have a Zeppelin trinute band out here in California called Ledzepagain which is really good as well. Take care, thanks for the info ! I hope they get back to recording new music sometime, it would be the coolest thing.

    MRFREEZE- I agree with you that Robert Plant has been holding the guys up in getting back together as he's been doing all these other projects. I also agree he's a LOT better in Zeppelin with Page by his side. Maybe he will wax sentimental again soon and realize he's better off when Zep flies together again. If the 2007 concert is any indication the chemistry is just as strong musically with Page, Jones, and Bonham as it ever was. Take care

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