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  • Hortensia

    You can solve the whole thing by coughing into your hand just before you stick it out to shake someone's hand. I'm just being mean!

    Here's another situation I used to have to deal with. I owned a massage school for years. Many of the more hippy, new age massage therapists insist on hugging everyone. They also don't really like deoderant. I remember a great big 6'6" man grabbing me for a big ol' hug. Because of my height, my face wound up in his damp smelly armpit. Whew! Still recoiling from that one.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    My Father, lived in TX, always told me to look someone straight in the eye, a firm hand shake, and it's always no sir, yes sir, no mam' or yes mam'. People who can't do that you can't trust according to him

    My father taught me the same thing, though in Australia we don't say "sir" or "ma'am". He taught me that you can tell what kind of a person, particularly a man, is by their handshake.

    I've worked in white collar jobs, and I always shake hands. And I *hate* those limp wrist wet fish handshakes!

  • Apognophos

    Yes, I was taught much the same thing, that giving a limp handshake would reflect poorly on me. The only thing worse than getting a limp handshake is getting a macho crusher handshake. When I was new on a job, I think this one guy I met was trying to tell me not to move in on our attractive mutual co-worker who I had just been talking to. He squeezed so hard I felt something pop. Not that I gave him the satisfaction of showing it.

  • Glander

    The only thing worse than a limp handshake is a limp and sweaty handshake.

  • Apognophos

    Ha, that too.

  • rebel8

    I do the same as you and get the same reaction, but it usually culminates in them being impressed. Somehow it is so's almost as though I've courtseyed or genuflected. LOL

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