Anti-JW billboard going up in Texas

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think this bill board is a good investment in fact.

    I think this type of thing may catch on and in strategic places this could do a lot to reform these old codgers on the GB and make them do something substancial in the way of protecting the children. This sign certainly puts the GB's ass in a sling and rubbing their collective noses in it.

  • steve2
    Why would non-JWs be interested? It targets a very, very small group who will view its attention-grabbing overkill as persecution. Message sent is not message received. And should the outlier JW care to pursue the matter, s/he will be diverted to an odd website. What a costly and ineffective expenditure.
  • joe134cd
    Steve= I agree this is only going to confirm their persecution complex.
  • Simon
    If you had to make a billboard what would yours say?

    If the intention is to get the message out about Jehovah's Witnesses then it should say "Jehovah's Witnesses" somewhere on the sign. Using phrases such as 'Kingdom Hall' and 'Elders' will likely mean nothing to non-JW's. If the intention is to reach people with a message then you should be looking to raise conversation with people who may work with JW's for instance.

    Something clearer, more direct and more applicable to all readers:

    "Have Jehovahs Witnesses covered up child abuse in your community? <-- the main 'hook'
    find out now:" <--- the call the action

    I think this makes it more applicable to all people, not just those who are JWs. Don't make it just about the KH and elders, make it about JWs in the community.

    And the question at the workplace on Monday is a very clear "hey Bill, you're a JW - what's this about covering up child abuse? Are you Catholics or something?"

    Go big or go home. JW think shmink.

  • snugglebunny

    but everyone gets a warm fuzzy feeling and are sure to pass by the contribution box on the way out.

    That warm fuzzy feeling is just the sensation of common sense leaving one's body. Rather like falling in love!

  • wannaexit
    This is directed at the insiders and frankly it wont impact them. They'll just blame the those "wicked apostates"
  • stuckinarut2

    A successful ad campaign or billboard needs a quick message, and a clear "call to action".

    so how about simply this:

    Jehovah's Witnesses? Find out the REAL truths....... (Then the relevant website)

    It works on two levels. It appeals to actual witnesses to delve deeper, and it appeals to the public to research the independent facts about the religious people at their door ....

  • done4good

    I think this is actually a good idea, if not the best implementation of it. Details do matter, and they have not been worked out. Someone will run with this concept to improve it.

    It will get people talking, (or at least thinking). No, it will not make someone "wake up" immediately for most. That is doing little more than pointing out the obvious. However since this type of campaign has really not been tried before, it will tend to stand out in people's minds, and that is what matters.

    Sure, they may claim "persecution", but that is a short-term response. If we look at this on a long-term macro level, this will force a few WTF moments for some, in time. Most of us never would have imagined this being done 5 years ago.


  • Gayle

    The real 'truth' about "the Truth" of Jehovah's Witnesses.


    I like this site, factual, not emotional. Loaded with just facts.

    (Of course, for any signs, one would need approval with that site.)
  • Simon

    Anything that suggests JW's don't have the truth is shut out mentally by JWs as "apostate". They have been conditioned to it. I think it's a mistake to try and attack the religion. All religions are BS, but billions believe them.

    If you're putting a billboard up, make it talk to everyone. Make it about JWs but not targeted at them and I think there is a good chance they will look, possibly because of questions about it from others, desire to be prepared for possible questions or just curiosity.

    If it screams "apostate" and is only targeted at JWs then I think it will fail. It's the static equivalent of waving a banner at an assembly.

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