Anti-JW billboard going up in Texas

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  • cappytan

    It seems the design changed since this iteration.

    JW-THINK.ORG is what they went with.

    Hyphens will not be remembered from a billboard, and people will go to the wrong address and give up.

    JWAWAKE.COM would have been better, but I own that one. (There's nothing on it.)

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    They've scored an own-goal!!

    Why use such an unintelligible & useless web site?

    Sorry to say, they've wasted their money.

  • Simon

    Kind of a slip up to announce a website address before securing it. I agree about the hyphen - if you want someone to go to an address after seeing it on a billboard then it needs to be clear, unambiguous and memorable. It wouldn't need to be anything JW specific as long as it was memorable. Heck, call it "" ... people will remember it and possibly be intrigued.

    Give it 1 minute and then tell me which website you remembered ... the billboard one or the one I just suggested?

    Vivid images and 'visual things' are easier to remember than abstract terms and combinations of concepts.

  • paulmolark
    Has it already been made with that exact url? If not, then I am sure they would change it. Maybe that is just a mockup. Either way atlas they put forth the effort to do something.
  • violias

    I think it would have been better if they asked the public, " Is the JW's at your door a pedophile? " and add a bit more. Many people won't know what a Kingdom hall is so I guess the target audience is current Jws.

    I am all for it. I think billboards are very effective as I said once before I recall in Texas on 635 ( LBJ for the locals) the Timothy McVeigh sign " Highway to Hell". Extremely effective and caused a lot of local discussion.

  • Simon

    I think there is too much "in-house lingo" for it to be of general interest. Kingdom Hall maybe understood by some but fewer than we imagine. Elder? JW? They mean things to us but not to many.

    I think Timothy McVeigh and the death penalty is going to be of more general interest. It's a mistake to credit the use of a billboard with that interest (even if it was a well-done / effective billboard)

  • violias

    Well, of course don't say jw, say " are the Jehovah's; witnesses at your door Pedophile's?" Most people would recognize that. I agree unless the target audience is current Jws, the lingo should be changed. Maybe, after asking are the Jws at your door pedophiles, one could say, " Do you know their church elders wouldn't tell them if they had a pedophile in their midst ?

    That would be of real interest to everyone b/c almost everyone knows jws go door to door , like most people know Mormons do also.

    I think knowing a potential pedophile was coming to my door would certainly be of general interest due to the laws regarding how far away they have to be from children.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I admire the attitude of those who want to set up billboards but I agree with Simon about its being not cost effective especially at $3,200. That money could be better spent on thousands of leaflets that are addressed to the public at large, not JWs. Something along the lines of "The pedophile at your door".

    If something like that were to be done it should be set up in a major urban area where a lot of people should see it. Also fixing any mistakes on it, like the URL which has issues, would also be expensive unless it's an internet problem. That is definitely a turn off for the people watching it.

    By the way, there is no question mark on the Spanish version at the bottom.

  • EdenOne

    They must be ROTFLMAO at HQ ... seriously ....


  • Simon
    I admire the attitude of those who want to set up billboard

    I do too. I hope it is successful. I hope to be surprised.But the sign is clearly meant to speak to JWs so I think the claims that it will "stimulate conversation with the public and raise awareness" is a tack-on to justify what has been created.

    A billboard message needs to be clear and focused and it just seems to vague. It's trying to make a claim without really saying anything concrete - almost the definition of a smear campaign.

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