Anti-JW billboard going up in Texas

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  • sunny23

    The first ever billboard has been crowd funded on Reddit and will be going up. I'm curious to know if it will cause a spark in any JW's who already have questions or doubts and lead them to research into the child abuse cases and lead them to the thought that the WT and GB are NOT inspired or Gods mouthpiece.

    At the very least it will provide people a topic of conversation and questions to the JW's who knock on their door: "So whats this whole sex abuse in kingdom halls thing about I saw on the billboard down the road?" I think this could be effective!

    $3,200 was the needed funds and it was achieved in less than a month. This is going up in TX but I would gladly contribute $$$ to one here in FL. Of course "our" billboard would have this site link along with I know Simon is against this type of "smear campaiging," but what are your thoughts? Do you see any value in this at all?



    Now that I see it..


    Image result for I like it

  • cappytan
    Ummmmmm...that URL goes to a Chinese website.
  • steve2

    Hard core JWs are expecting the authorities to turn on the organization to fulfill scripture. Texas would be as good a place as any for their minds to be enlivened by the persecution complex and allegations of rampant pedophilia as volatile excuse as any. Go to it - get dem billboards up quick smart.

  • WasOnceBlind
    I don't consider that a smear campaign. This is a real issue and real kids are at real risk here! I would want one here in California.
  • ToesUp
    Even if it saves 1 person from the abuse, it's worth it!
  • Giordano
    It does take people to a Chinese web site.....not good.

    結婚式の引き出物 良い品満載のアルバムギフト

    最近は、結婚式の引き出物などでカタログギフトを利用することが増えているようです。 自分の結婚式でも引き出物に使わせてもらいましたし、披露宴に出席したときに頂いた ...
  • FayeDunaway
    That's japanese, but yeah.
  • Simon

    Ha, that's ironic - I used to own many years ago and had a "timeline" of beliefs / changes (around the same time as this site started).

    Seriously, that is the landing page it goes to for people from Texas? WTF? Japanese poetry?

    I'm not 'against' doing things per se - I just don't think it's the most cost-effective way of reaching people and is the wrong message for the wrong audience. It's unclear what the intention of it is meant to be or how success will be measured - key factors for any advertising campaign.

    BTW: JWs already have the lowest retention rate of religions - I think the information is available for those who want it but you can't make people want it until they are ready.

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