Jesus or Jehovah?

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    If you want to understand the 'Old Testament' as it is incorrectly called by non-Jews then go to a source who has lived it for 3000 years. There is a Rabbi in your town who will help.

    What the Watchtower teaches is just one of hundreds of views among the Protestant and Catholic and Unitarians teachings, they are all post biblical views.


    Most christian religions don't really know who is God Yahweh and who is Jesus Christ !

    Jehovah's Witnesses are winners on this subject as compared to what these religions teach about Jesus.

    Harold Camping who proclaims with 100% certainty ( ) Jesus will return on May,21,2011 AD is confused on who is

    God Jehovah and who is Jesus . He had studied the Bible for more than 50 years like no other living human being now may be.

    He thinks Jesus is God the Father ! And I rate Harold Camping as Bible preacher number one on radio earthwide.


    Just using the simple common sense we should discern the differences between these two.

    Jehovah is always invisible God that is literally present in every particle of the endlese universe - Job 36.27.

    Go outside when it rains and see drops of rain and count them ! Each one God created and guides to the earth. Almost all religions ,almost all christian religions dishonor God of the Bible who He really is.This is one good reason to join Jehovah's Witnesses or stay alone apart from all organized religions.

    He is not a human being - Hosea 11.9.

    Jesus in turn ( called figuratrively God ) is a man - 1 Timothy 2.5.He is in the heaven ,He has eyes ,hands,legs etc.He is one place.

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