Eric Reeder's Memorial?

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  • NeverKnew

    I've seen the insulting obituary and like all of you, I'm blown away.

    I've also seen SEVERAL threads of individuals crying out for an opportunity to meet with others on this board. Maybe it's time to recognize the need for an Assembly (if you will) to foster a familial relationship for those on this board!

    What if a memorial were planned, in Eric's honor of course, for a weekend next September in North Carolina? I'm part of the community outside of the JW world and I don't live anywhere near North Carolina but I'll tell ya' what - I'D FLY ANYWHERE TO HONOR HIM.

    A memorial notice next year that would sincerely honor him could be printed in the paper in his home town inviting those who loved him in the community to join the service.

    Any thoughts?

  • whathappened

    What a wonderful idea. Grammajones and I would definitely consider coming. It would be an honor to attend and we like peaceful demonstrations. That is what it would be.

  • ldrnomo

    I think it would be a great thing to do. I would fly to N. Carolina to be a part of that memorial. It would be great to meet many on this board let's keep talking this up.

    Any here in N. Carolina that could help us make some arrangements?

  • NeverKnew

    I wonder how big of a gathering it could be?!?

    Should it be called a "Memorial" (which sometimes connotes sadness and is usually ONLY about the individual) or an "Assembly" in Eric's honor (which would be sending a strong message to the Society while at the same time respecting that which Eric lost).

    You wouldn't be limited to these two words of course, but I think the name of the gathering is important.

    What's the goal?

  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    Hmm, both "memorial" and "assembly" could be said to be tainted by the cult mentality that did so much harm. It needs to be something positive, why not leave it as a simple "gathering"? I'm a Brit, but I'd get there if at all possible.

  • NeverKnew

    eeeks.... sorry. I forgot about that all-important event of the JWs so forgive me.

    I wonder if I can change the title. *sigh*

  • wannabefree

    Do we know for sure that this is the final obituary?

    I ask because, sometimes I notice in my local online paper that an initial obit like that is often followed a few days later by a more personal one. Hopefully that is the case. Maybe the first one is just a blurb in response to police or hospital report.

  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    NeverKnew, you've had a great idea, and I really wouldn't want to pee on anyone's bonfire and find fault with it. The day we start to become afraid of using certain words, we become as nuts as the WTS. Next thing you know, we'll be throwing our plastic wizards away... Go ahead, reclaim the words back from them. They've taken enough already.

  • brizzzy

    Wannabefree, the newspaper FAQ says it can only print one version of the obituary (including "freebie" obituaries like this one) and only accept the order from one family member.

    So that's it, it looks like. Friends, however, may print an "In Memoriam" ad, which runs alongside or near the obits, I believe.

  • tinker

    IMO Great Idea! Bravo! I cannot say for sure that I could attend but I will Commit to Supporting this cause. A Memorial is an opportunity to honor and remember a life, a friend, a brother. For me, that would be the purpose. The side effect would also be a Peaceful Demonstration to those who caused his pain and sorrow to grow to the point he could no longer endure.

    I say, Shout it from the rooftops, Announce it, Post It and Book It.

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