Mommy I want to marry you !!!!!

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  • larc

    Hey Amicus,

    You did the right thing. I didn't care for his "aura" either, and spent considerable time and effort trying to show him what a low life he really is. Although I didn't state it, it was part of what I did to shield the women here from further degradation, so I think it is fine that you were a "Self Appointed Defender."

    I would like to tell you a story about my wife. We used to go to this little neighborhood bar. One time I had to take a trip out of town, and she felt comfortable going into that bar by herself, because she knew everybody and everybody got along. During the evening a woman friend of ours asked my wife to give her a ride home. My wife left her drink and her change there so that it was clear that that was her spot. When she returned there was a young newbie sitting in her seat. She politely expalained the situation and asked for her seat back. This young jerk gave her a hard time. She simply said, "I don't think you know where you are." At that point the two men on each side of the seat told the young man to get off the seat and give it back to my wife. I am proud of how my wife handled the situation, and I am proud of my two freinds who helped her. Maybe you and I are like my two friends at the bar that night.

  • larc


    You don't talk from your mind or your heart. You talk frome your groin.

  • Maxee


    You don't talk from your mind or your heart. You talk frome your groin.

    So am I to assume that when you want my opinion you'll give it to me?

    You wouldn't happen to be a member of the GB would you?

    bad boy bubbee

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  • Prisca

    As the first female to have responded to this thread (which never should have been posted in the first place IMHO), I just want to say :

    larc & amicus - my heroes! I'd be happy to have you guys defending me any day. I'm glad to see you guys so ready to defend our honor as well!

    To "badboybubbee" : you are a joke and an embarrassment to all men, especially AUSTRALIAN men!

    Everyone else : please don't think all Aussie men are as brainless as this galah. He'd be thrown out of any bar in Australia if he tried to speak to a woman like that in real life. This guy is obviously thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy. [>:(]

  • amicus

    bad boy bubbee,
    I'm glad to see that bar of soap worked. My mother found it pretty effective on my brothers and I.
    Any feelings you alluded to that I may have towards anyone on this db are personal and I won't discuss them publicly.
    You have the right to infer anything you wish from what you read. I ask you to keep any such theories to yourself if there is a chance that someone may be personally offended.
    I stated that I didn't mind you throwing mud at me. I don't, but please don't hit anyone else. If you are willing to play by those rules, as your more recent posts indicate, we can talk.
    Let me tell you a little about myself. I have dated more women than I care to count. I'm not trying to brag. I think it's sad and somewhat dysfunctional. I have also learned to appreciate women as friends as well as intimate partners. I hope that I have learned to communicate with them in my awkward way. What you take to be a "hit" can also be merely admiration, praise, or friendship.
    Yes, the quote you referenced is a much better way to attract a womans attention than refering to various parts of her anatomy, in my opinion. If you have intentions other than friendship, it should be followed by many more attempts at communication. At some point, the object of your intentions would ideally indicate that they are interested in you as well. Eventually this would culminate in a "hit". I tend to make my "hits" very obvious. Right between the eyes is my style, but only after a lot of softening up.
    I consider myself a student, even with all my experience. If you want advice from some "pros", go to the thread found at Main/Thanks for the warm welcome.

  • amicus
    larc & amicus - my heroes! I'd be happy to have you guys defending me any day. I'm glad to see you guys so ready to defend our honor as well!

    Thanks, I really can't help myself sometimes. It's just the way I was raised. I've gotten myself into trouble a few times because of it but I'm still alive, so I continue on. right back at ya.
    I think bbbubbee realizes he was indiscrete, so I'm ready to move on. I've made a few mistakes myself and would like to think that people I've offended have forgiven me.

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Well, Prisca beat me to it. Amicus and Larc, you guys are right up there with my husband. TRUE GENTLEMEN. Love you both. Seems to becoming a lost breed.

  • trevor

    Hi Maxee,

    It was good of you to take time off to join us.

    How does it feel to have your hands above the key-board for a change?


  • TR

    Well, I guess somewhere there's a village without it's idiot. Looks like we have him now. People of low mental capacity tend to post things like bbb(bumbling braindead bonehead).

    Hey larc and Amicus, I'm the dude blocking the door in the bar so the weasel can't get away.


  • JAVA
    I need to get some service in on you every month starting immediately

    I guess this is what happens when elders don't have enough sexual -sin committee meetings.

    I suggest you go get a bar of soap and come back after washing your mouth out.

    amicus, why would you do that to a good bar of soap?

    JAVA, counting time at the Coffee Shop

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