Feel the Goddamned Love

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    My MIL of 38 years - who has not spoken to me for the 9 years since I left her cult - died on Sunday.

    Today, as a favor to my SIL who has spoken to me very rarely, for the same reasons, over the same period of time, I was moving some personal items to her home from the nursing home. In this instance I guess it is ok to speak with me - if I have a strong back and a conveyance that aids her needs at the moment.

    Anyway, in the parking lot of the apartment complex where she lives, while we are moving in those items, guess who shows up? Five or six of my old 'best friends'. As we walk by toward my van, Jim [an elder whom I aided into the organization and was absolute best friends with for 20 years] waves and speaks a greeting to my wife but not to me. [She has been out exactly as long as I, just has not DA'd, because ironically she has been waiting for her mother to live out her natural life before so doing.]

    I wanted to flip off the bastards. WHO yells a greeting to a man's wife and ignores the husband as if he is not there?

    Paint me seething. The assholes.


  • whathappened

    Oh, yes. The identifying factor of true Christians is love. I guess we know who the true Christians aren't!!!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I love your subject line.

    You might call the assh*le out for brazenly flirting with your wife when he "thought" you weren't around. Just to bust his chops a bit, y'know.

    I'll bet your MIL expected to "survive Armageddon into God's New World" as they used to say. I'll bet her non-existent soul is now in torment in Sheol while she awaites her non-existent resurrection any day now. It will be just like she took a brief dirt nap, with mold and bacteria and worms and bugs in her nose.

  • GromitSK

    It's preposterous isnt it? Plus to others it looks massively disrespectful.

  • Kojack57

    Ak-Jeff: Your are a better Christian than me. If it was me I wouldn't lift a finger to help them NO WAY!!! That's why I know your going to heaven.


  • Sheep2slaughter

    Yeah man that's how TRUE Christians behave and treat others. Thought you knew?? We should all be emulating them instead of love Jesus exemplified. DUH!! /S

  • Magwitch

    You just can't make this stuff up, it's just too far out there.

  • NewChapter

    It's never enough for them to just shun you----they feel the need to be obvious about it. The angels are watching this riveting play, afterall.

  • tootired2care

    I can't stand being ignored like that, I can see why your seething .

    I think i'll use your experience, to revise my future behavior to get back at these a$$holes. Instead of waiting for them to say something, i'll pre-empt them and say something like, hi brother so and so, how are you this fine day? With a piercing eye contact, no matter how embarrassing the situation may be for them. If they refuse to respon, i'll say that is very mature and Christian of you.

  • GromitSK

    It is a calculated insult IMHO.

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