Do You Still Have Dreams with JW Scenarios ? My recent Dream- Opinions...

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  • flipper

    KING SOLOMON- Very good point if my son was around to watch " circumstancial fornication " - I've got some explainin' to do ! Pretty funny !

    SIMON 17- Interesting dream. I think many of us have these dreams ( really nightmares ) that we are being coerced or forced to go back to meetings against our will. Then when we wake up from the dream it's quite a relief to see we are really free and NOT going to meetings in reality ! I agree it seems lots of us are being stuck in our dreams struggling to escape the Witnesses.

    ON tHE WAY OUT- Interesting quotes about our dreams and how the neurons work in our brains. Thanks for sharing. Lots of opinions on it for sure. You are an intelligent guy perhaps your mind is so active as you say in your waking hours that it's taking a break while you sleep. Good analogy

  • rebel8

    I am sorry but I am giggling at this one:

    Then in another dmonstration another " brother " ( this skinny little prick of a dark haired man ) uses an illustration of how electricity is like Satan and he reaches out and TASERS Mrs. Flipper and electrocutes her sitting in her seat ! She is shocked ( quite literally ) and pissed off ! I get mad and he tries to taser me too- then I grab him by his tie and whisper to him, " listen you little prick, you think you can get away with abusing women that way ??!! You have another think coming ! I'm going to talk to you on the lunch break ! "

    I think it's the fact that this is another dumb illustration and your response is to call him a prick and say you're going to talk to him on the lunch break. This is so unrealistic. IRL you would have kicked his ass first and then had him arrested. I wonder why the muted response? Because you were in a high control environment and even your actual reaction would have been seen as sinning by dubs?

    Also the famous, "Don't tase me bro," might have gotten mixed up in your subconscious as, "Don't tase me brother!" ???

    Still giggling

  • OnTheWayOut

    A much simpler explanation:

    A study found that 71.4 percent of people who did not have obstructive sleep apnea recalled their dreams, while only 43.2 percent of patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea were able to do the same.

    I do have sleep apnea, so I am in the majority of those that do not recall their dreams.

  • flipper

    REBEL 8 - It is pretty funny when you consider my response in the dream. I mean, indeed, in real life I would have whacked that guy right on the spot for tasering my wife ! But I think you hit it on the head- as JW's we were so conditioned to worry about how things appeared and looked outwardly that I had to talk to him at the break. Pretty funny stuff

  • blindnomore

    Hi Flipper(and Mrs. Flipper)! I am a bit late on the thread but here's my nonexpert opinion.

    Obviously, the whole Judicial Committee thing has been a traumatized event to you even though it happened years ago. You are reliving it in your subconscious mind along with your current topic of interest(ie., reggae, blues music) through a dream. (your state of mind)

    You were under their control all over again in the dream but at the end you took your power back and put your foot down on elders. You now know you are no longer under their authority nor would go along by their rules. (your current conviction)

    I think Ted Jaracz, your Dad, your older brother along with 10 elders represent the harsh authority of the Watchtower whom should be loving shepherds and compassionate family members.(Your past fear and current resentment)

    You hate injustice, unrighteousness, and women( and child) abuse, in particuar, that you weren't going to silence about their abuse toward the weak ones such as Rank & File. It was your own dear wife that's being abused in this case.(your personal character and commitment)

    You got your son back at the end but your daughter which is current situation. The fact that she was your oldest daughter only instead of both your daughters, you are holding some hope for your older daughter but the other one.(based on the past incident with your another daughter)

    Best part: You woke up next to your dear wife to find everything is OK.(well alomost except your daughter part)

    What psychological trauma we have suffered as a result of our former religeous leaders abuse! I am sorry my friend.

    Once in my dream, I was stumping repeatedly the elder's head that's stuck in the puddle of water to his death. I had that dream several years ago when elders were after my children and me. My children and I were being chased by the muderous elder in the dream. I was holding both my children in each hands runing for our lives but only to be caught up by the elder. All of sudden he stumbled and fell in the puddle of water. I ran back to stump him so that he can't get up again in realizing unless I knock him out he will get up to finish my children and me. I still can feel ache on my leg from stumping the elder. That was awful. What a nightmeare!

    I haven't read other posters comments in order not to influencing my assessment. Wonder what others have said.

  • LongHairGal


    The therapy you describe is useful because it helps people identify what is "eating" at them.

    When I was in the religion back in the day I had vivid "Armageddon" type dreams from time to time. Believe it or not, they didn't worry me but made the religion's promises seem all the more real. But, since I am an eleven year "fader", it has been a long time since I had one of these dreams so I suppose my subconsious mind has thrown off most of this garbage.

    Even though you may be out for many years, there is always something in the world around us that may bring up memories and maybe once in a while there might be one of these Armageddon or disaster dreams but I wouldn't worry about it any more than if I had a rare childhood memory type of dream.

  • blondie

    I learned how to eliminate my nightmares dealing with my abusive parents. Or should I rather say control those nightmares to my advantage. My parents are both dead for several years, literally and in dreamland. It might help to find a therapist that specializes in dreams and their meaning to you. I don't have dreams dealing with the jw world, but if I read a book or watch a tv show or movie, I find elements drifting into them.

    I have been in a university sleep study for 22 years and working on my dreams were part of it.

  • truthseeker

    Since leaving the JWs, I have had many dreams about my old life, none of them good, all of them weird.

    Most times, I am in the kingdom hall and the "friends" are ignoring me. In my dream, they know my status and turn their heads away when we make eye contact.

    Some dreams I am still an active but doubting dub in good standing and I'm asked to give talks. I end up not giving them because I don't believe what they have to say.


  • moshe

    JWs are never in my dreamworld, I guess I have no unresolved "issues" with the WT circus. I have already outlived many of my KH antagonists from 24 years ago.

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the great replies ! I really appreciate it !

    ON THE WAY OUT- Very interesting that your sleep apnea may affect your dream recollection ! It makes sense what you're saying indeed. My older JW dad has sleep apnea and has to wear a breathing mask device at night, I don't believe I have sleep apnea though I do snore some. I wear nose strips to open up the nostrils more when I sleep to breathe easier. Maybe having the nose strips helps me get deeper sleep. I hope.

    BLINDNOMORE- Hey hello friend ! Good to hear from you. Very interesting thoughts you have on my dream, thanks for giving me your take ! I definitely do find comfort in pursuing music which helps me to somewhat bury the past JC traumas and move on, good observation. IIt's interesting in most of the occasional dreams I have about JWs and the elders it seems I always take my power back at the end of the dream from the powermonger elders and WT society. Perhaps because I'm doing just that in real life, my subconscious mind is reaffirming that to me. Good point you make about me hating unjust, unfair people and abusive situations towards women & children as I'm always ranting about that LOL ! ( as you know ). I am holding out hope for my older daughter. I just think some day she may exit the cult. It was very comforting waking up next to Mrs. Flipper for sure after a crazy dream like that !

    I'm so sorry you had such a horrific nightmare as well about the unjust elders in dealing with your childrens situation. You should be very proud that you have literally RUN for your life in real life my friend in protecting your children for sure by exiting the cult. I feel your dream certainly emphasized how your subconscious mind is TOTALLY aware of truly how dangerous these WT society appointed elders can be and it's like your mind was giving you a message in that dream to protect your children, as you ARE doing now. Good for you, keep it up ! Thanks for your take and opinion , I respect it indeed.

    LONG HAIR GAL- I agree I think writing dreams down is very helpful to sort out our subconscious thoughts in our waking hours from our dreams. Yeah, I don't have these dreams too often about the JW cult or Armageddon or anything- just occasionally as it's in the back of our mind at times. I'm glad you aren't having any more dreams that often about Armageddon or JW activities. It can tend to be disconcerting at times. I don't worry about it too much. It's just my mind trying to talk to me and sort things out. Thanks for your take !

    BLONDIE- Very interesting you've been involved in a sleep study and do dream research, really cool. Thanks for the link to the scientific American in " How to control dreams ". I'll definitely read it ! Sounds very informative. I have read several books by therapists and psychologists dealing with dreamwork seminars like Frederick Perls books on Gestalt Therapy and a couple books by a therapist out west here named Dr. Emmitt Miller . Some very good, informative info which has helped me recognize the meanings in my dreams to internalize them in the here and now . I don't think I need to see a therapist over it as I'm not freaked out or anything about it , it's not robbing me of my joy or interferring with my normal activities, but I'd certainly pursue that option if the dreams became way too common and occured constantly. Thanks for the good advice !

    TRUTHSEEKER- I feel for you my friend. I've had weird JW dreams also where people are shunning me and turn their heads away, even one time I dreamed that my daughters did that, then I woke up and found out the dreams were a reality. I guess our brains are subconsciously trying to sort it out how people could treat us that way ! Thats good that you don't give your talks in your dreams- it shows you don't believe in what they say or teach, it's hit home deep with you in your inner mind. And that's a good thing !

    MOSHE- I'm happy to hear you are out of the JW clutches now for 24 years now ! Good for you ! I'm glad you don't have any WT nightmares or dreams anymore. I look forward to someday having that also

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