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  • DarioKehl

    I miss being a "believer" in UFOs, but, after escaping JWs and learning critical thinking skills, I found that I used the same apologetics, shoe-horning and mental gymnastics defending my personal belief in UFOs as I did defending the WBTS. I also got totally enthralled with conspiracy/new world order stuff to the point that I'm embarrassed when I look back on those days.

    Skeptics, free-thinkers and atheists like myself do not doubt the existence of ET life. In fact, many recent observations almost predict it's a certainty. But when it comes to the cultural phenomenon of UFOs (and cryptozoology), you will observe the same dogma, logical fallacies and poor apologetics among those who insist they're real that you see in fundamental religious people!

    If UFOs are extraterrestrial, how did they get here? Inter-dimensional travel? Warp drive? Worm holes? You have to realize that the energy needed to drive a vessel through hundrends or thousands of light years in "real time" would require the total energy output of a star throughout its entire life! Not to mention the effect it would have on the travellers--they cannot return to their home planet without seriously messing with their own relative space-time. Ok, so, they may be "an advanced civilization." Then why would they travel so far in these inter-dimensional warp driving ships only to zap cows, make impressions in crops or kidnap and put all kinds of hell up the butts of rednecks? In this age of technology where billions of people around the globe carry amazing handheld devices with HD capabilities, how come every single photo or video of a supposed UFO/alien ship are in such poor quality and can easily be debunked (if not proven forgeries)? You would think by now that irrefutable, super high-quality pictures and videos of UFOs would be available to the world. That's simply not the case at all. Occam's Razor, people... Occam's Razor!

  • the-illuminator81

    I find it hard to believe that something could stay secret for so long. Secrets don't keep. Big secrets don't keep at all. And what motive would governments have to keep it a secret? And what motives would the aliens have to work together with the government and keep hidden?

    For a sufficiently advanced civilization to be capable of interstellar travel, we would be like ants. We would be an interesting biological study object, but nothing more. They would not be physically present, but they would send infinitely small, invisible probes that could monitor us from beyond the oort cloud and from that distance could see probably down to the resolution of atoms. Currently we can't even see giant rocks in the oort cloud, let alone highly advanced, stealthy tiny interstellar probes that don't want to be seen.

    They would not send aircraft, enter our atmosphere, buzz around, have accidents, and fly around with their headlights on, or strike up agreements with the government, or exchange technology. Also, if you look at technological development, there is absolutely zero evidence of any external source or sudden spike in development speed. Every invention is done through slow, tedious, painstaking hard work and overly documented by scientists and researchers and is publicly available. Many times subjects being worked on simultaneously in different countries by different groups. Slipping some alien tech under the table would be noticed. You can't just suddenly set up a company and start selling stuff that is a million times better than anything else out there without any trace of how that technology was developed and stay under the radar.

    During the second world war, british pilots saw many unexplained phenomena, or gremlins. There were many pilots flying many sorties. They were up long, they were tired, high altitude, cold, bad sleep, high pressure, scared to die and didn't know about the atmospheric optic effects they might encounter. Nowadays, there are millions of people flying around our earth everyday, in the relatively comfortable boredom of the double-wide cabin-pressurized jetliners. Many many more eyes are looking around the skies. Yet we don't see more UFO's being reported, instead we see less reports of them.


    All the theoretical physics ( Good Will Hunting ) super-long boring, raises more questions than answers- non practical goes nowhere and helps no one school of thought, is a bunch of BS, government stooge smokescreen tax dollar wasting junk. The real practical application of U.F.O technology is all man-made, not alien. The great thinkers of the world, real scientists like Tesla and his predecessors and contemporaries, like Werner Von Braun, have already mastered tech that we will never see. All the crap we puchase at WAL-MART and Best-Buy is pure spin-off, stood on the shoulders of giants, Government doesn't need it anymore crap, pure and simple. You have an I-pad 2??!! Big Deal... Uncle Sam and China can vaporize you from space after they see through your home, and write down what you had for breakfast from the moon if they want to. They have been zipping around from the Earth to the Moon for decades. What we occassionally see are screw ups, and test flights and accidents ( Roswell ). The whole alien thing is just a smokescreen to create 2 groups of people, the Rational thinkers, and the Alien conspiracy nut-jobs, then the Government uses both ends against the middle. It's like Democrat vs Rebulicans. It doesn't matter who wins because the same people are behind it all and they do what they must to stay at the top regardless. The real illusion is that YOU matter at all. There is no way the common man will ever be allowed access to technology that would make him equal to the top brass. Hey everyone, guess what? I can build an electro-propulsive craft with 1920's technology and never spend a dime on gasoline or diesel or ethanol ever again. Oh, by the way, I can easily go anywhere in the world whenever I want at 500-1,000 miles per hour. You can be free too, just like me! I am going to tell you how to do it at a press conference tomorrow!! OOPS!!! Breaking news!! Local man dies of mysterious heart-attack. His entire family has also been tied to a terrorist sleeper cell. The Government is calling this one of the best victories against domestic terrorists in recent history. You can all sleep well tonight after gorging yourself on hot-pockets and watching America's got talent. By the way the family was never heard from again :) Buy American ( made in China )

  • bohm

    DATA-DOG: Wild guess, you have never tried to read an actual textbook on physics?

  • RubaDub
    Skeptics, free-thinkers and atheists like myself do not doubt the existence of ET life. In fact, many recent observations almost predict it's a certainty.

    Dario ...

    You may be right.

    The possibility of life on other planets is examined in the link below:

    Rub a Dub

  • 00DAD

    All those interested in this subject would enjoy Carl Sagan's excellent book, The Demon Haunted World.

    Sagan was involved in getting the SETI project up and running. He thoroughly analyzes the evidence for extra-terrestrial visitations to earth.

    It's an excellent read. I highly recommend it. You'll learn some valuable critical thinking skills in the process.

  • wallsofjericho

    believing ET's exist is completely different than believing they have visited our planet.

    mathematically yes, I beleive they exist. Have they come to earth? I don't believe it. Space is sooooo big! How they could have found us and travelled here would be such a monumental streak of luck I cannot beleive that it could have occured. My guess on the ridiculous odds of this occuring would be ZILLIONS TO ONE! and after only a hundred years or so of actually sending out communication our radio waves have barely left our tiny little peice of the milky way

    nope. no aliens on earth


    bohm, that was a wild guess. I Love physics. I shouldn't lump all theoretical physics together as a waste. That being said, Mis-information and withholding truth is par for the course. You don't keep a billion people in subjection by letting them have youtube. If they do manage to get it, the only way to squelch the truth is an equal campaign of lies or half-truths along with painting your opponents as wackos ( think WT and mentally diseased apostates). Another method is to simply remove information from the text books, pretty soon no one is around to remember what everyone knew was true from practical cause and effect experimentation as opposed to theoretical, never put into practice ( for the common man ) science. What the common man doesn't know is what makes him the common man. The WTBTS removes old publications from the CD Library, and they change the text from the original articles before they go in a bound-volume. Pretty soon the next generation doesn't know enough to realize that they are being screwed. The Governments do the exact same things. Very few people alive now, know the truths proven again and again through history because information is supressed. It has to be supressed for some to stay in power. The Governments take what works the best and keep it for themselves, period. If you think the Space Shuttle designed with 1930's technology is the best Uncle Sam has then you are in for a rude awakening. Remember BIG secrets can be kept. No one, not even Truman, prior to becoming President, had any clue that atomic weapons were being developed in the U.S. Truman served on a committee that kept track of Government spending. The need-to-know, don't want Joe Six-pack to know. They want you to sit down, eat your soylent green, watch foot-ball and keep your mouth shut.

  • scotoma

    Unless you actually see one you aren't going to believe.

    My family and neighbors saw one. Period. That's why I "know" we are being visited.

    There's no point in arguing that "space is so spacious" or "it would take the energy of a star".

    I was UFO curious but not a believer. My experience and that of my neighbors and family pushed me over.

    I was not content to even rely on the fact that others in my family were witnesses to the event.

    I talked to neighbors to see if they saw what we saw. Those who were awake at 11:00 pm saw the same things. Unfortunately, local eyewitness accounts don't carry much persuasive weight.

    Crop circles? There are explanations that involve hoaxers.

    Anal probes and abductions are events recovered under hypnosis.

    Mutilated cattle? Why not. People do crazy things. Let's get drunk and cut up some cows and freak everyone out.

    Japanese Candle Lanterns? These have caused a lot of false alarms.

    I absolutely don't believe the area 51 stories. That myth is enjoyed by the wonky engineers that like to cozy up to ladies in Las Vegas and talk about their "important job" working with UFO's at area 51.

    So you can see - it's easy to discount most of this stuff. But, I don't know how to discount what I (and family + neighbors) experienced.


    I have seen some craft too. Twice actually. They were very bizarre and silent. What I saw were goverment experimental craft, in my opinion. I don't know what you saw, but I believe you saw it. In my area of the world there is an Air Force base within 100 miles or so, the logical explanation for me was " government " U.F.O. I guess I shouldn't say there are no other beings out there, because I cannot prove it and the Universe is a huge place with many unsolved mysteries. Honestly, if little greem men showed up like in Close Encounters, I would go with them, no questions asked.

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