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  • LongHairGal


    We must be on the same wave-length because I feel the same way you do. I eagerly follow this topic.

  • willyloman

    Look no further than our own history:

    When aliens first visited the New World the effect on Native Americans was far from peace, love and the sharing of advanced technology. Oh, the techology was demonstrated, all right. And some Indians began to use it on their uninvited European guests and put off their total capitulation for a few decades. But it would be a long, long time before the natives were allowed even a fraction of the prosperity their conquerors carved out of the land.

    In between, it was a nightmare and most of them were slaughtered.

    Be careful what u wish for.

  • LongHairGal


    I wouldn't say I wish for it because I know it might be very bad for the human race. I certainly don't want any alien overlords enslaving the human race like some nightmarish science fiction movie.

    I just want the governments to be honest about what they know and I suspect they know more than they are saying.

  • Diest

    Yeah but how cool would it be if WE could be the alien overlords...

  • cedars

    willyloman - if you read the article in the link above, it's hard to arrive at a direct analogy such as the colonization of America at the expense of native Americans. "Disclosure", according to the article, is a matter of admitting to facts that are already known but kept secret by a number of governments. Once the involvement of extra-terrestrials in our past, present and future is acknowledged and accepted, it's about learning how to work with them to make the world better and secure the planet against future potential cataclysms (i.e. super volcanoes, earthquakes, poverty, etc). I think if the "visitors" wanted our planet and had the means to take it, they would have done so already by now. Rather, it seems from the article that they're only interested in what they've always been interested in - guiding human development on this planet (referred to as the "Earth experiment"). That's how the theory goes anyway. It would certainly be earth-shattering if this turned out to be true.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I wonder if there are any good sociology papers or books out there comparing the whole disclosure movement to new religious movements. I'd say there are several shared motifs.

  • dreamgolfer

    I just watched Cowboys vs. Aliens last night..

    i am a believer now

    OLIVA WILDE should meet up with THOR some day and POW what babies they would make - could rule the galaxy

    To Infinity and Beyond!

  • metatron

    The other thought that tempts me is the idea of Ascension, ridiculous as that might seem (following disclosure)

    There are countless internet sites full of all sorts of crazy stuff. Some believe we will enter a different dimension. Some think aliens will offer us a free ride somewhere else, if the earth gets hit with disaster. Some claim bad people ( Banksters, in particular) will be abducted and killed off or exiled.

    My temptation here is, what happens to hard core opposers of disclosure? It seems reasonble (sadly) that some people will fanatically scream "invasion!" or "demons!" ( or "To Serve Man" !). Christian fundamentalists and Muslims come to mind, together with paranoid military types - and that could get dangerous.

    How do we get world peace with them interfering? If ET's exist, they must have considered this - and it may be a major reason why they choose not to reveal themselves to us openly.

    Do we (nice enlightened folks) go somewhere else? Or do the paranoid, fearful types go elsewhere? This is starting to sound very 'sheep and goat-ish'. I would add that many UFO observers see them as interdimensional travelers. This is supported by their apparent ability to appear and disappear at will.


  • cedars

    My only problem with the idea of disclosure (or, more accurately, deliberate suppression of facts surrounding the existence of extra-terrestrials) is the amount of money that is thrown at the space program each year. Surely if the American government was concealing such information, they wouldn't knowingly be spending countless millions on trying to detect life on other planets when they know full well it's out there? Also, why spend so much money getting into space in the first place when you have perfectly capable space-going vehicles in hangers at Area 51? That's what confuses me. I guess supporters of disclosure would say it's all an elaborate ruse.


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Cool James Thomas...I'm going to have a look for Leslie Kean on Youtube...

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