The Truth About Bible Principles: Chastity and Abstinence

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  • NewChapter

    The most powerful people in the world, generally are not eunichs. Chasteness can never make one superior.

  • 144001

    <<< NC I never said eunuchs were chaste. I said that they serve as a good example of the power of sexual neutrality which is what chastity strives for. I can't keep up with your army of strawmen. -Sab>>>>

    LOL! Sab, you are indeed qualified as an authority on the subject of eunuchs! There's no substitute for actual, direct experience!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Sounds to me that god is simply whatever people want him to be...what god wants is what you want him to want based on what we think things mean, depending on where and when we live.

    Lots of guess work, no facts.

    What is morally acceptable to God is what works well and you don't have to be totally chaste in order to be a productive member of society therefore total chastity before legal marriage is not required in order to be considered godly....sab

    More making stuff up. Where do you get this stuff?

  • EntirelyPossible

    It's amazing how you can take chasteness in the bible, have it devolve into a conversation somehow trying to justify opinions on sex using Michio Kaku, quantum field theory, talking about how Western Civilization (Roman and Greek, basically) is better than others (or at least more evolved, a tenuous argument in my humble opinion) and somehow blue jeans factor into this.

    We should get back to focusing on the anti-depressants naturally found in semen. Taken orally twice daily is the recommended dosage.

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