26% drop in auxiliary pioneers in "special month" between 2011 and 2012

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  • Gayle

    I suspect the WTS could have the 30-hr auxillary pioneer year round (every month) soon. Because the 50 hr auxillary pioneers are decreasing annually.

    2008 - 321,986 avg./mo.

    2009 - 304,551 avg./mo. - decreased 5%

    2010 - 287,960 avg./mo. - decreased 5%

    2011 - 466,011 avg./mo. But ... x 12 = 5,602,932 annual. Report showed for April alone was 2,657,377,,subtract April's= is 2,945,555. Divide that by 11 months = 267,777/mo. That still is a 7% decrease in monthly auxillary pioneers (50 hr/mo) the rest of the year.


    Since Regular pioneers (70 Hr/mo.) are still increasing as it stands, I don't expect the WTS to decrease requirements for them - yet.

  • Gayle

    For U.S.: Auxillary Pio.

    2008 - 44,406/mo.

    2009 - 42,076/mo. - Decrease of 5%

    2010 - 37,177/mo. - Decrease of 11.6%

    2011 - 70,659/mo. But .. . . x12 = 847,908 annual. As mentioned on this thread (I don't know officially but will accept) about 500,000 aux.pio'd in April = leaving 347,908 for the other 11 mos. Divide by 11 = 31,628 avg per the 11 mos. This then would be for the other 11 mos. a decrease of 14.7%.

  • Momma-Tossed-Me
    Sweet beautiful statistics. Music to my ears.
  • sir82

    These stats paint a pretty good picture of the way the WTS thinks....

    GB1: "The average number of auxiliary pioneers decreasing precipitously! What can we do? I need ideas!"

    GB2: "How about we update our preaching methods to something not so 1950's-ish?"

    GB3: "Or maybe we could just eliminate auxiliary pioneering - after all, shouldn't the publishers do this because of their love for Jehovah, and not for the privilege of hearing their names announced from the platform on a service meeting?"

    GB4: "Maybe we could let publishers count time spent caring for, oh I don't, orphans and widows? Isn't there a scripture about that somewhere?"

    <Heavy silence for 15 seconds>

    <Simultaneous gales and shrieks of laughter from all 7 GBers>

    GB1: <Wiping away tears of laughter> "Oh you guys are too much! Orphans and widows - priceless! OK here's what we do - we lower the hours for 1 month and lay the 'don't slack off' guilt on triple thick instead of our usual double thick. That will boost our auxilary pioneer averages for 3 or 4 years, until we come up with our next gimmick. OK, meeting adjourned - where's the scotch?"

  • steve2

    There is a new category of time keeping to be introduced in the new service year begining this September: Average and peak numbers of "Good intentions".

    Each day, active JWs are to take note of every single good intention they have connected with the spreading of the good news: Just the mere thought of door-knocking qualifies for counting. Multiply that by the number of times it crosses your mind each day, sum the numbers over the month, calculate the peak and the average and write them on your card for the month.

    The Kingdom News will soon radiate with impressive statistics showing how month by month, the intention to preach keeps increasing. Of course, the road to preaching is paved with good intentions and, in time, will be deemed a worthy substitute for the door-to-door ministry.

    Just think about going door-knocking brothers. Just keep thinking about it. Next step? Get off your lazy arses and do it. May be. Perhaps tomorow. Well my intenions are good. I guess?

    I need a coffee stop first - and I haven't even left home yet. Come to think of it - I don't need to. I'll just note down my good intentions for the day and join in the self-congratulations at month's end. I love the truth - it sure has set me free!

  • straightshooter

    The elders in the local congregations did not push aux pioneering 2011-2012 as they did in 2010-2011.

  • outsmartthesystem

    Wait a minute! Didn't the society also lower the hours needed to be a regular pioneer for that month too? Thus allowing "regular AUXILIARY pioneers" to qualify as a "regular pioneer" for a month???????

  • sir82
    Didn't the society also lower the hours needed to be a regular pioneer for that month too?


    Regular pioneers have an annual quota of 840 hours. It's been that way for about 15 years.

  • braincleaned

    " Combine this news with the approximate 2% drop in Memorial attendance in the US in 2012 as compared to 2011"

    could you please give some reference to this amazing news?

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