demon posession?

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  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Hate to drag principles of physics into this, but setting books on fire is really the same challenge of setting a log on fire: you can't, unless you prepare kindling, as any Boy Scout knows (maybe that's why JWs don't want their kids to join: it blows one of their urban legends out of the water). Same with cardboard: you need to tear it up a bit at the ignition point, in order to get it started.

    The same with gas: people can over-soak the object, depriving it of oxygen, a required element in the fire triangle. Vapors are much more explosive/combustible, but people think that gasoline is combustible, so they oversoak the object, and end up extinguishing the fire by cutting off oxygen. Note: do NOT attempt to put out a fire with gasoline! It would be stoopid (sic).

    So the people weren't lying, just don't know how to start a fire (or in their haste to counter Satan, maybe thought Jehovah would just help them to over-ride principles of physics). Most of us don't have real-world experience burning books, but that should be a clue: anyone ignorant enough to want to burn books is also not a likely to have read many of the ones that discuss physics. ;)

  • Cagefighter

    I have burned books and papers. (I don't trust shredders). You have to get airflow between the pages until it balls up and get's roaring. If you trust try and light the corner of a stack of papers it will go out, much less a book.

  • Deceived

    OMG @ God Delusion, that story you referred us too, that takes the cake. I heard about these stories as a child in the 1960s and was looking for it just this week, now I hear a bunch more and realize they are Urban Legends.

    That is just unbelievable!!!!

  • perfect1

    I personally have never had any problem starting fires- but then again I don't burn books.

  • SophieG

    Oh..I do have a story. A sister in my hall went to NY and came back with photo of herself and 2 other sisters …the sister in the middle of the shot looked really of ODD. I asked the other sister what was wrong with her. She told me that the sister was once a special pioneer who had gotten some money from a suspected witch doctor (while she was pioneering in Haiti) and subsequently had problems with the demons. Now looking back I have to wonder is the sister actually had a progressive physical/or mental illness that caused her to look the way she did. But back then, I was gullible and I bought the story! At the same time, I don't mess with Haitians. Nice folk, but that ju-ju aint no joke!

    Now..even though I understand the sleep paralysis, I will say I have had some ODD things happen to me…especially as a child, that to this day when I reflect on them, I get chills. I have had things happen as an adult. I remember one time wondering: “I must be crazy, because I swear I just heard my name called (by a very effeminate male voice) and there is no one in the room!!!”

    I am leaning toward I must be crazy!!! LOL

  • Cagefighter

    I have not heard the voices as an adult, but as a kid I heard voices all the time saying my name.

  • SophieG

    I have not heard the voices as an adult, but as a kid I heard voices all the time saying my name.

    Cage Fighter: Me a child...what is that??? Over-imaginative mind of a child? :(

  • Flat_Accent

    I'm saying, tal, that If your grandad is anything like me, he wouldn't be able to light a molotov with a flamethrower. :P

  • outsmartthesystem

    sophie - Ever seen the movie, A Perfect Mind? Or read the book "Mistakes were made but not by me?"

    Our minds tend to make stuff of fairly regularly

  • sir82
    My gradmother used to tell me about a catholic icon at her Aunt's house which was demon possesed and once blinked at her.

    They sure don't make demons like they used to.

    In the book of Job, they're all running around causing violent windstorms and inciting wild-eyed Sabeans to go raiding livestock.

    In the Gospels, they make dudes go all Incredible Hulk-y, and run around nude and break iron handcuffs & stuff.


    All they can muster is the occasional icon-eye-blink and maybe animating smurf dolls to run up & down the aisle at a Kingdom Hall.

    What a letdown.

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