demon posession?

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  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I have been told I am an 'Intuitive' and other simular things.

    It makes me mad and scared. I really feel that you have to accept the negative with the good. I find it all frieghtening. God and the Devil.

    So I reject it all.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    That's cause you're star stuff tal....

  • Flat_Accent

    Oh please tal, I have trouble burning toilet roll tubes, nevermind books. Obviously Satan is responsible for the delightful two-ply softness of Charmin.

    One sister told me she had a lot of occult books, and when she put them into the bin, it exploded in the night. Not sure what the binmen thought that Thursday. We also had an argument over a doll mum had bought from the charity shop - it went in a garbage bag.

    The one I remember about actual possession is some guy in another country somewhere, and no matter what they tried they couldnt kill him, bullets bounced off him, knives buckled under the pressure of his rock hard abs. In the end they had to tie him up and drown him. Shame it never made the news.

  • perfect1

    Dario does this mean after your smurf sashayed out the door it was waiting for you outside so you could put it in the attic? You kept a smurf for 30 years, only to be influenced by sparlock? :)

  • SophieG

    I figured out the sleep paralysis thing years ago! You should see folks' face when the tell me the " demon sitting on chest story" after I explain sleep paralysis!


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Yep, that the sound when I realised what it was too SophieG....*crickets* along with an unbelieving expression on my face...

    I believed for YEARS that my sleep paralysis experience was spirits. In fact, it went a long way to convincing me that god was real.

  • Cagefighter

    I had a friend and his Mom told us she was bit by a possessed garden nome. About six months later she left my friend's Dad and her family for about six months to work as a cocktail waitress and bang a bunch of dudes. She was a MILF.

    She got it out of her system. Came home. Showed up to the KH one Sunday were everyone showered her with love, tears, and hugs. Then they promptly shunned her next week when she was df'd.

    She took her licks and got re-instated. I never understood what she did even as a kid. I certainly never understood why she came back knowing she would carry the scarlet letter and be df'd. But her insanity did finally explain in my mind the whole demon possessed gnome story. She was obviously off her rocker from the start.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Of course, the die-hard believer will think that Satan planted the evidence in Wikipedia to cover his tracks, lol! I then tell them if the game is so stacked against humans, where Satan is allowed by God to plant dinosaur bones, hominids supporting evolution, etc then kudos: maybe Satan deserves to run the Planet, lol! He couldn't do any worse, and anyone who wants the job that bad.....

    Of course, I finish by saying its all just silly nonsense: believe it if it gives you some perverse narcissistic pleasure to think youre sooo hot that demons just have to get wit' ya', but there's are no demons or angels. Really.

    Eva Luna said:

    "I have been told I am an 'Intuitive' and other simular things."

    You mean to tell me there's someone else using one of my pickup lines? :)

  • WTWizard

    In reality, being possessed by a real Demon is far better than being possessed by a filthy angel. First, Demons never harm people. The only way for them to possess you is by invitation, and then to help you with your soul. You are not going to be attacked by Demons--simple as that.

    However, angels attack in various ways. And one of them is manipulating your environment. Demons are prevented from contacting you, and society is manipulated so you do not get what you need in some way. Usually, you are scammed (sometimes multiple times) into joining a Jewish, Christian, or Muslim (or some combination of the above) religion you don't want. Personally, I have been scammed into the Jewish Noahide Law (via the Beyonder guide), a Christian scam where you send money after doing something with emblems they send you, the Born Agains, and most prominently the witlesses. Some get scammed into Muslim scams, often cults or extreme Muslim groups (more common in northeren Africa or the Middle East than in America). All because of those filthy angels.

    I wish the angels would all get bound. That way, I would never have to worry about being scammed (or forced, or forced back) into a religious cancer. And I might be able to be helped by the Demons for a change.

  • cofty

    WTWIZ - what utter rubbish.

    There are no demons now stop with the childish fantasies.

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