demon posession?

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  • outsmartthesystem

    "My grandmother had a bunch of books on the occult. My grandfather said that when he put them in a pile outside to burn them, they wouldn't light. He poured gasoline on them, and still they wouldn't light (yeah, we all know that gas fumes light, so that's BS). So, he had to literally soak them with gasoline, and relit the pile several times to keep it burning."

    Every congregation has their own reinvention of this one. You know the GB LOVES it because it keeps the sheeple scared and dependent upon them and their holiness to keep the demunz away

  • fakesmile

    i hate to hear about burning book. the irony is that some of those occult books could have been worth some major $$$. i have a buddy who collects.

  • only me
    only me

    Saying "Jehovah" would never stop anything from happening. YHWH is one of the entities that Enochian and other magickal practioners invoke and evoke to help with their work. There are talking boards (similar to ouija) with YHWH and many talismans have it on them. YHWH is considered very hostile but can be controlled by those who know what they are doing.

    I have a lot of magickal objects- candles, crystals,oils, ect. and my very JW husband doesn't have a clue that any of it means anything. Actually, he had a problem controlling his anger and a friend gave me some calming oil that I use on his side of the bed and in his shoes, he does not know I use it and has not had a fit of rage since I started. Surely if this stuff had demons it would bother him.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    Any other good stories of possession from people you know?

    Watchtower has published a few real doozies over the years:

    See: Demons Everywhere! available at:


    Marvin Shilmer

  • blondie

    Actually, it is worse to have your own father force sex on you...not invisible but real.

  • snakeface

    I know for a fact that if the elders cannot figure out what's going on with a "weak" or an "inactive" one who doesn't respond to their shepherding, they lable that person as having "problems with the demons" and they tell their wives - who in turn tell others - to stay away from that person. They don't come right out and say that at first...they start out being vague, like "just be careful...Jehovah's not gonna protect you if you ignore his warnings....once Jehovah removes his spirit from a person they become easy prey for the demons..."

  • talesin


  • talesin

    still - tx

    fakesmile --- I agree. I love books, and actually would have loved to have them today. :(


    Oh please tal, I have trouble burning toilet roll tubes, nevermind books. Obviously Satan is responsible for the delightful two-ply softness of Charmin.

    Oh please, what? Do you have reading comprehension problems? Or do you not think your toilet roll tubes would burn if soaked with gasoline? Did you know that even the FUMES from gas will catch on fire, which is why it's illegal to smoke when you are filling up your car?

    Obviously, my grandfather was making up a BS story.

    In other words, what's your beef, and why so sarcastic?


  • LV101

    Blondie --- hugs and love to you.

  • God_Delusion

    You have to read my personal experience with demon possession - The Evil Ted

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