Latest "Questions From Readers" - who wrote in with this question?!

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If singleness is a gift from Hojovah that I really don't want, I'm overdue to rewrap and regift this worthless piece of crap...

  • bigmac

    most single jw blokes are just a bunch of wankers

  • 00DAD

    Sauerkraut: Weird that there still is the Questions from Readers section, when the Society doesn't want anyone to write them with questions in the first place.

    Good point! I was thinking the exact thing myself.

    King Solomon: No doubt the JW lawyers confirmed that it was technically not lying to call the column "Questions From Readers", since presaumably the Writing Dep't has to actually read what they write.

    You're not suggesting the Brothers would use a loophole or a technicality are you?

  • exwhyzee
    No "Questions from Readers" has legitimately come from a letter from a reader for at least 35 or 40 years. They're all made up now.

    Since the writers of the Watchtower undoubtedly read their own work before it goes to press, it could be said that any of the questions they make up themselves are in fact questions from readers even though the intention is to give the idea that the question came from someone other than themselves. It's called spiritual warfare....bending the truth for the good of the cause.

  • Sulla

    Sounds like a Catholic-inspired question, cedars. Catholics talk like this all the time: the mystery of divine love, the mystery of the cross, mystery of suffering. When we use it, we generally are talking about the idea of the mystery / sacredness of the thing being discussed, the connection being in the roots of the words, as I recall. So, Catholics might talk about religious celibacy as being a gift in a mysterious way the same way love within a marriage operates in a mysterious way.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Why answer importantm questions when you can make up some useless bullshit questions?

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    I'm guessing the whole pre-marital sex prohibition is another example where men make the rules: sexually-naive couple is not supposed to see if they're sexually-compatible, much less even understand that there IS such a thing as people who aren't.... So Bro. Jackrabbit gets to spend an eternity frustrating his wife, and she's not supposed to have any other frame of reference to compare, and must simply ignore all those worldly magazines discussing that foreign word she has never experienced by him (orgasm).

    Yeah, good luck selling that approach to young "worldly" women, lol!

  • Ding

    It's like Jeopardy.

    The Writing Department starts with the desired answers, then makes up the questions to match...

  • Nambo

    I used to pray for a wife so I had someone to go on the field service with when I got home from work.

    All being single got me was such guilt at being constantly horny that I disfellowshipped myself.

    Hardly consider my lot as being a gift from God, if it was, it was too mysterious for me to comprehend.

  • dozy

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