Latest "Questions From Readers" - who wrote in with this question?!

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  • Quarterback

    Well to some, being single may be a mystery.

    But to those that are selecting a marriage mate they are more aware of why that person is still single, i.e "Loser, pervert, creeps you out, unemployable, sh#t disturber etc".

    Some just don't get it. But, who has the guts to really tell that person the truth as to why they should still be single. It's better to tell them that they possess a gift. A Consolation gift.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Some have "the gift of singleness", some don't.

  • processor
    They have been writing their own questions for decades.
    Whilst I suspect that is true, is there any proof that's actually the case?

    Yes. They're admitting it:

    km 8/08 p4: "Each month, the feature 'Our Readers Ask' considers a question that non-Witnesses are likely to raise."

  • cedars

    processor - if they genuinely think that THAT is the sort of burning question that readers of the Study Edition will be asking, then they're even more out of touch than I suspected. It also demonstrates that the Governing Body seriously underestimates the intellectual capacity of average publishers.


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