Why do they make me feel this way????

by loosie 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Nambo

    I used to feel this way when I met Policemen, even if I hadnt done anything wrong, maybe because I was a bit naughty as a child, but we have learnt to view them as figures of authority that have power and control over us.

    Now its the same with Elders, how many years have we been indoctrinated to view these men as human vessels of God will and his wrath?, you are not going to be able to undo that brainwashing right away.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    That viseral reaction is from cult brain washing. It still happens to me after 15 years out. Its intimidation and they know it. In early 2000s I had a run in with an elder who was still really good friends with my husband and my kids and he was talking to me on the phone (because he HAD to to speak to them) about my kids and he had that elder "condescending snarky Im better than you" bullshit voice going on with me. After I got off the phone I was quaking with rage. I shot him an email and told him that if he ever spoke to me like that again he and his wife could kiss seeing my kids again goodbye because I didnt have to take his holier than thou bullshit any more. And if I ever heard that they were talking to my kids about JWs or that their mother was going to be destroyed by Jehoover at Armageddon or they were taking them to meetings when they visited, I would take him to court for alienation of affection in a heart beat.

    The crap from him stopped. And I was shaking for days after that. Like as if I had stood up to a T-Rex in an open field with a popcicle stick.

  • 00DAD

    When you were "in" you were indoctrinated to believe that this man (and all elders) were in a position of authority.

    It takes time and a deliberate, conscious effort to overcome this type of indoctrination.

    Scully's advice will help you!

    Best wishes with your mom.

  • loosie

    thank you guys. You guys are are great. and special thanks to Zid for that visual especially when you know most elders are not good looking or in shape. lol

  • snare&racket

    The kind of men that want to become elders are men that would like to be police or in charge of the neighbourhood watch......

    The moment they give off an air of authority they are communicating that you should be in subjection to them. That dude is probably a window cleaner, or a car salesman or some kind of dodgy business man.... either way, he is NOBODY to you. Please dont take this the wrong way, but you havent helped by asking him to take charge of something for you, you rang him because of his role in the religion, not because of who he is to you and your family. In that respect you are kind of playing along.

    Anyway, these guys are nothing more than big fish in a very small pond. In the real life they are insignificant and they wont talk to people like that in their real jobs, that kind of says a lot about how they view the world, their flock and people like us.


    When I`m not Mopping a Floor or Cleaning a Toilet..

    I go to the Kingdom Hall and..

    Pretend I`m Important!..


    ............................. ...OUTLAW

  • Pistoff

    Because you (and me) are the great unwashed, worse than worldy, we are the fallen away.

    They HAVE to feel superior to us, or else their world cracks.

    Have a laugh on them; while you are enjoying Sunday coffee and paper, they are reading paragraphs written for mind controlled 12 year old brains.


  • blindnomore

    I wanted to add that I just got a new phone recently and my daughter showed me a website where I can download new ringtones. I have a customized

    ringtone for everyone on my contacts list. My default ringtone for anyone not on my contacts list says " there is an asshole calling" repeatedly. lol We were

    in mcdonalds having lunch when he called I forgot I had my ringer set to loud so I could hear it at home so in the middle of mcdonalds my ringer goes off

    "there is an
    asshole calling" so I answered it really fast before people started looking at me. lol if this elder guy only knew lmbo.

    LOLOLOL!! My husband had that ringtone too. The default ringtone for me said, "Warning! Warning! Wife is calling!" He had to go back to a regular ringtone when his phone decided to say "there is an asshole calling" for everyone including me. LOL!

  • loosie

    I love that ringtone Blindnomore. I would have set as every JW phone number if I had their numbers anymore.

    Snare, I had to call him. My mother doesn't speak to any of her children. My aunt isnt in regular contact with her. and my mother moved to a different county, so I am not familiar with any of her friends or neighbors and I live 4 states away from her.

  • Dagney

    So if we want family pictures ( mom doesn't have any money) and our baby books we need to know what the scoop is with mom

    Oh gosh...just went throught this. Except the elder involved is my own brother. He did end up finally sending a flash drive with some pictures...and might I add, only ONE picture of me from a number of portrait studio pics parents get for their kids, but NUMEROUS pics of his elder school.

    I haven't quite figured out what to do about that yet.

    loosie, for some reason that feeling you described still wells up inside from time to time. I'm amazed at the power still. Simply amazing. I think about how they are going to feel when they eventually die in "this system" realizing the utter waste of time and the bad manners they showed to others. That makes me feel better, that I was smarter and stronger.

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