Why do they make me feel this way????

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  • loosie

    I finally got in contact with the overseer from my mom's congregation in CA, (I am in KS). I wanted to let him know how to contact me in case she becomes ill or worse. He called me back after I left a message for him. He sounded very know it all kinda attitude. That doesn't mean he is knowledgable but he gave off a know it all attitude.

    I also felt intimidated by him. I should not feel this way at all. I don't feel like their rules apply to me and I am not under their authority. I am a grown woman responsible in partnership with my husband for our family. I don't answer for my actions to anyone. So why do I feel intimidated by this man? I thought I put on my big girl panties before I called him.

  • wasblind

    It's alright Loosie ,

    The next time you communicate wit this man

    remember to suit up and boot up wit confidence

    Keep in mind that this man don't lay golden eggs

    when he has to take a stink

    and he has to wipe his own hindparts like

    everyone else

    The only greatness he has achived is in his own mind

    cuz the rest of the world is not aware of it


  • DesirousOfChange

    The only greatness he has achived is in his own mind

    Yes, a Legend in His Own Mind.

    He sounds so "know-it-all" because he is used to all the R&F bowing before him because of his title. Trust me, when he go into work with his mop & bucket, he doesn't sound to cocky.


  • blondie

    Since you and your husband work as partners in the family, I would have him on the other line when you call, letting this man know that you are both involved because of love for your mother. Is there another person that you could deal with? I don't know your status with them, df'd or inactive, but in inactive I think you could work with a rank and file jw.

    I can see there might be a little blackmail goiing on with this elder if he is the only way you can get info about your mother.

    Love, Blondie

  • loosie

    I'm just a fader Blondie. they don't care enough about me to get any dirt on me to DF me. I got this job delegated to me because my older sister refuses to have anything to do with elders. So if we want family pictures ( mom doesn't have any money) and our baby books we need to know what the scoop is with mom.

  • loosie

    I wanted to add that I just got a new phone recently and my daughter showed me a website where I can download new ringtones. I have a customized ringtone for everyone on my contacts list. My default ringtone for anyone not on my contacts list says " there is an asshole calling" repeatedly. lol We were in mcdonalds having lunch when he called I forgot I had my ringer set to loud so I could hear it at home so in the middle of mcdonalds my ringer goes off "there is an asshole calling" so I answered it really fast before people started looking at me. lol if this elder guy only knew lmbo.

  • moshe

    A neighbor living next to your mother could be a solution- you want to know asap, any change in health or a hospitalization of your mother-- good luck.

  • Scully


    Next time you have to deal with him or any other Elderâ„¢, just remember that if you need to assume financial responsibility for your mother and/or her care, you will be saving his [email protected]$$ a whole lot of money. You're doing him a huge favour, and perhaps he needs to hear that from you.

    Picture him in his window cleaning gear instead of his KH monkey suit. He makes about $5 per pane of glass, that's a lot of effing windows in a day.

  • loosie

    LOL @ Skully. Next time I will do that.

  • ziddina

    Hah! I like Scully's suggestion too!!

    I was going to suggest; imagine him nekkied, but we don't want you to become nauseous, right?

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