favorite cars you have owned

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  • james_woods

    Do you have a Porsche, Elderelite?

  • bigmac

    hey cantleave---i had a mk 111 capri 2.0S--and a 3.0 ghia--and a 2.8I

    also--a triumph dolly sprint--& a spitfire--and a GT6--rare motor

    austin cooper-- also a 1275GT--and---------a mk111 cooperS--twin tank.

    present wheels==MG zr--the xjw reg job---and a MGF VVC --shit hot

    oh--and a bus pass.

  • FlyingHighNow

    My friend owned one of these back in the 70's. I loved it and dreamed of a creamy blue one with a white top. It was fun to ride in. It had leather seats and real wood interior. Bob's had a luggage rack on the back and I believe it was a '72.

    1976 Triumph TR61976 Triumph TR6

  • mercedes_29

    My favorite was my 1999 New Beetle. It was the first brand new car I ever bought. I was 19 and worked three jobs to have it.

  • botchtowersociety
    I am sure BotchTowerSociety will eventually have a look at this thread, and perhaps he would be so kind as to post a picture of the Ferrari and the Rolls-Royce when he can.

    Here they are, but I don't have a picture of your Rolls. I've never had anything so exotic, of course. But for me, the first love is the one you never forget, and that was a blue 1987 Pontiac Firebird.

  • james_woods

    Thanks, BTS.

  • Balaamsass

    Favorite car? My first car. A crappy 65 Bel Air..but for a 16 year old it was a magic carpet. Freedom from an abusive alcoholic JW parent. Instant popularity in high school. Friends. A Job. Camping trips. The Beach. Disneyland. It required I buy oil by the gallon, AND carry extra water, and a tool kit...but it was magic for a teenager.

    I have had Jeeps, SUVs, Lincolns, and Lexuses since....but THAT was my favorite car..old Betsy.

  • finally awake
    finally awake


    There is nothing this truck can't haul, and if it's empty it'll put you through the back window when you step on the gas. It's 20 years old and the AC is broke (yes Ron it's BROKE) but I still love it.

  • elderelite


    The whole notion of car royalty is a fraud. If the porsche is the best car by every mesurable standard, including feel and driving pleasure, the all you are judging on is name and/or look.

    Thats all fraud. For all that you may as go buy a ricer and put a ground effects kit and a fart can on it.

    And hell yes i owned the worlds finest car ;)

  • leavingwt

    1976 Pontiac Catalina ($600)

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