Watchtower using YouTube to preach to the deaf in Australia

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  • cedars


    It's the same IP address as both Miz and George and they all seem to like the same kind of music.

    Ah, that's actually quite conclusive. That guy needs serious help.


  • jwfacts

    Theocratic Sedition - I believe it does because there is no other organization on this planet doing the work that Jehovah's Witnesses do.

    Are you delusional? Globally, the majority of people have not even heard of JWs. Do you really think that without "the slave" deaf people would be unaware of the Bible?

    I used to be in a Australian congregation with a deaf group, and the Watchtower specifically targets the deaf community as an easy source of growth. Unfortunately, deaf people can be very vunerable to JWs. Witnesses come with a seductive message that soon they will hear, plus provide them with a lot of attention and love bombing. Deaf people may have limited education due to the additional resources required for learning, and so may not have as advanced critical thinking skills (no disrespect intended, as there are also highly educated deaf people).

    The Internet does provide a means for deaf people to learn about the dangers of the Watchtower. However, Auslan is a different language than written English, and those of the deaf that are not fluent in written English will struggle with what appears on the Web, in comparison to the Watchtower's Auslan material and the targetted, personal Bible Study.

  • Phizzy

    I do think that Miz/NRG/Theocratic S**t or whatever his latest name is, serves a purpose. To have someone come on here and spout the usual JW/WT total nonsense/lies and then you good guys tell the truth in your posts is really beneficial to JW readers here.

    Such ones tentatively reading for the first time will read the words they too would have used, when they read the excellent and truthful replies, they will see they have been lied to, and mind controlled.

    Perhaps if M/NRG/TS goes missing we will have to invent our very own JW Apologist to shoot down.

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