Do you believe in Love?

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  • still thinking
    still thinking
    if I must believe in just one judgement is this
    "to judge individuals based on their character and love toward others"

    How EXACTLY do you judge that? Based on an individuals idea of what is loving? Sometimes I see a lot of what I consider to be FAKE love....should I JUDGE that? Sometimes I see people who challenge me to think, to be loving people. There are all sorts of loving acts that appear to not be loving. If we say love and peace after everything does that make you loving person?

    Who gets to decide what is loving and what isn't? And how do you make a judgement?

  • transhuman68

    I think it is just natural to fall in love: but very little is natural in this world, and many people have been brought up in unnatural families, so it doesn't happen. In a 'perfect' world many relationships would be different IMO.

  • caliber

    Who gets to decide what is loving and what isn't? And how do you make a judgement ?

    Of course each individual decides this for themselves. It is an individual , internal assessment

    It is an assessment within your own heart ... these are not that things you even try to enforce upon others (this would be arrogance )

    All emotions are spiritual , abstract things, still this does that make them delusions ... they are things of your spirit

    they can and do exist .... but try to prove it with hard facts.... impossible... try to see the beauty & mystery in abstract things

    I say

    Notice also I said

    if I must believe in just one judgement... not that this is my desire or wish practice ... never the less we all make

    internal assessments

    daily I assume. Judgement is not a word I take kindly to.

    All the other questions are for you to answer yourself .. why would I try to impose my thoughts upon you ?

    Love begins with trust and the first person you must trust is yourself

    Sometimes I see a lot of what I consider to be FAKE love....should I JUDGE that? (
    I believe you have already made a personal judgement here in your own mind

    but that is yours to decide

  • still thinking
    still thinking
    All emotions are spiritual


  • apostatethunder

    Love is as strong as death.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    death isn't's just death.

    It could be argued that death is weak...since its failure of organs and brain to work.

  • NewChapter

    All emotions are spiritual

    LOL. RuhRoh! As far as judgement goes, there is a great deal of judgement wrapped up in the tiny proclamation above.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    New Chapter...the spirit is not judgemental.. only when it comes to emotions...and all emotions are spiritual...LOL

  • caliber

    spir·i·tu·al (spr-ch-l)

    adj. 1. Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material All emotions are spiritual , abstract things... the second adjective shows the context of what I meant in my statement. ....there are four meanings for spiritual given here but this one fits the context of my statement The Spirit of Love", the "Spirit of Fear", "Spirit of hate" are examples of emotions...
    You cant "see" emotions but we know that they are there and we know that they affect our minds and bodies. Stress, for example, is an emotion that comes from "the spirit of fear

  • What-A-Coincidence

    just like everything else ... love is just an illusion.

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