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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Newflash in the ongoing addiction and mania that started at age twelve when the national broadcast news showed pictures of these English boys with very, very long hair. I stopped by a local grocery store b/c I was not certain that a challis scarf was wool or rayon b/c the fabric content is in Arabic. Whatever it is, it is 100%. Thank Allah for Arabic numerals. the owner was very interesting. We talked for two hours.

    He is active in a hospice charity. One of the people he met during his charitable work is Ringo Starr's manager. Yes, the Ringo Starr, He is certain I can have Ringo personally sign a piece of memoriabila. When he comes to Philadelphia or the closest venue, he will see that I can go backstage to meet said Ringo. I did not even have to buy the scarf. NO sexual favors were traded.

    If it happens, I don't know what to have Ringo sign. My idea is to have him sign a photo of Riingo that was sent to me when I was thirteen b/c I was a member of the o fficial Beatles fan club. I don't have all the special fab club photo exclusives b/c extras were 15 cents more and I had no money. There is the Anthology book. Recently, I Purchased a delightful, fun art book with extraordinarily well done plates called "Postcards from the Boys." They sent each other post cards frequently. He got permission to use the less personal ones to help a charity. The quallity of the book is superb. The plates are better than my fine art books.

    If nothing comes of it, I will stay be happy for the temporary fantasy. My big fear would be being not respecting boundaries. I respect them in Manhattan but I never had close contact with a living Beatle (or dead ones, thank God.)

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  • leavingwt

    I'm jealous.

  • botchtowersociety

    Good luck!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Very exciting!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    good luck!

  • Dagney

    That's fantastic BOTR!!!! I just saw Ringo in concert in Oregon last month. He's pretty cute.

    I hope this fantasy is truly a reality. Peace.

  • rebel8

    NO sexual favors were traded.

    ROFL! I'm humming along, reading a normal post and then BOOM!

  • JeffT

    when the national broadcast news showed pictures of these English boys with very, very long hair.

    You mean these guys? I was in 7th grade when the hit the big time. Looking back on it I have to laugh at some of what was said about their appearance.

  • 3rdgen

    I hope your wish comes true BOTR.

    I, too, was 12 when The Beatles hit the American scene. Being from Cali I was a fan of the Beach boys and the other lesser surf bands. Something strange came over me though, when I first heard and saw The Beatles. IT WAS LOVE!!! All my friends liked Paul the best but I picked Ringo. I'll never forgot my staunch JW fathers reaction to seeing them on the Ed Sullivan TV show. He yelled that they were "faggots playing an African jungle beat"

    I was not allowed to have their records or watch them on TV. Had to be a fan at my friends house whos parents were more rational JWs. She had every record, teen mag, and poster available. We would pretend to marry Paul and Ringo hahahah! We saw "A Hard Days night" and screamed our lungs out. What good memories!

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