What leads a person to think they are inspired by God?

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  • jwfacts

    There seems no end of people claiming to be inspired. There are numerous holy books claiming to have been handed to their writers by God. These days a person writing their own holy book is likely to be met with scepticism (unless you are a Scientologist), so people tend to claim to be inspired to interpret older holy books.

    The GB claim not to be inspired, something about that word concerns them, but then show they believe to be inspired when saying Jehovah uses them and directs them with his holy spirit.

    This board seems to attract at least one new person a year that is the chosen Messiah, or guided to know the accurate interpretation of the Bible.

    What leads a person to think they are inspired? Do they really believe they are, or is it a strategic move to gain power over others? Is it mental illness?

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    maybe in some cases it's just...confusion or coincidence?

    i remember asking god to do little things like make a leaf blow in a certain direction despite there being absolutely ZERO wind and not a cloud in the sky, just to remind me he's there lol. you know i asked that one quite a few times and the leaves never seemed to do a damn thing. i shoulda taken the hint, bt i think i was juust too stupid and brainwashed to figure it out.

    maybe it's jusut something ingrained.

    if someone believes there is an all powerful being, who created the universe and that the junk in the bible is for real, then in that fantasy world...someone COULD be inspired by god. now in the case of someone who legitimately thinks they are inspired (and i mean that in the sense they truly believe they received some clear message from above, which is not what the gb does with the straight up lies) on this site, they're coming out of a cult that teaches stuff clearly and factually wrong, so i'd imagine there's plenty of rereading in the bible for the ones who leave the cult but still believe in the bible. i would bet there's a lot of "ah HA!" moments going on when that happens.

    that's jusut a guess, but i could see that happening with some people.

  • Fernando

    Personally I believe God speaks to all of us all the time.

    The more spiritually awakened we are the better we discern and respond.

    The misleading idea that we can or should only hear from God through another fallen human, is a religious notion espoused by religionists (Pharisees).

  • Diest

    Tec, Shelby, Lars, Obves,... Care to share?

    I feel like it is delusions of grandure. It is hard to admit that we are all relitively insignificant in the big picture, when we all know that we are huge in the small picture.

  • bohm

    I wonder how they tell apart the inner monologue, and the voice of God. Do they speak in different voices? Is it the same but told apart by content? does it feel like they actually hear speech?

  • zeb

    atropine in the water. . . . ....

  • mP

    Money, they realise that religion is the time proven method of controlling and conning people to do whatever including surrendering of will and money. Religion and politics have always been friends. Look at ancient Rome, the largest administrative office within Rome was religion. Naturally Julius Caesar accepted the office of Pontifus Maximus on his way to thte top..

  • transhuman68

    I think in some cases people have their 'conversion on the road to Damascus', like the alcoholic who finds Jesus, & is saved. On the rebound from doing things they feel bad about, they flip-flop and become ultra-good; maybe even thinking they are the Messiah! Lots of drugs and some mental illness might influence their delusions, too....

  • designs

    In our shared history with the Wt. several leaders thought G-d was speaking to them- Russell of course, but also Paul Johnson and Fred Franz were also in that delusional category.

  • ballistic

    I think you hit the nail on the head transhuman.

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