Why would Jehovah wait so long?

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  • FreedomsFighter

    It's difficult to explain 'why', since we're talking about a (self-styled) 'god'.

    However, I can say this, straight from the heart: any being, no matter how technologically advanced, that sets itself up as a 'god' over humanity, isn't worthy of our attention, much less 'worship', since it appears to be pre-supposed that, by our very nature and lack of technological advances, we don't know any better.

    Perhaps you might ask your mother to consider this: the JW's were created by a mere mortal - a man - for his own reasons and purposes.

    Perhaps researching the history of the cult's beginnings, might help her ask more relevant questions?

  • yknot

    I guess it depends if you hold premillennialist or amillennialist views on the subject....

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    the jw answer is - because jehovah wants to save everyone - but that does not make any sense, the more born the more die. If there ever was a deity it has never made itself known.


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  • Finkelstein

    Why would Jehovah wait so long?

    Ask the ancient Hebrews they invented him through their ignorance and imagination.

    Sorry folks but Jehovah never existed, just one of many gods thought up by people who lived in the bronze age in the middle east.

    If you want to live your life upon ancient story telling then thats too bad, its making you just as ignorant as those people

    who lived 3000 years ago.

  • sseveninches

    Concerning the bit about Jesus returning "invisibly", I've always had this question: does the thousand-year reign start when he returned invisibly or during the new system? Because if he really did come in 1914 (which is total BS), then that would already be 100 years down (in 2014), unless that "1 day for 1000 years" rule comes into play again.

    Aware - that's an interesting scenario. It reminds me of something that I told a JW the other day - he said that God told Adam and Even to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and that this will hasn't yet been done. I replied that there are 7 billion people on the earth right now, and filling doesn't have to mean that every bit of space needs to be occupied by humans, since there are things like forests, farms, and other resources that need to be present in order to sustain human life. I told him that 7 billion is a number that fills the earth pretty well, especially when you consider the fact that there are highly populated areas on the earth, beginning with India and China. The earth has been filled - it may not be in the "New System TM ", but it's been done.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Life expectancy is longer than it's ever been. Maybe that is God's way of making the good news accessible to every one.

    I heard this expressed by many witnesses over the years.

  • Aware!

    sseveninches- concerning your question, there are many viewpoints, and you might find this interesting. Scroll down to 'Major theological postions'.


  • clarity

    Well if I remember right ... jw's believe that jah needs humans to worship him

    and tell people that their god is the bestest, toughest almightyest god ....

    kinda like 'my dad is tougher than your dad' sort of thing. SSoooooooooooooooo

    he needs a lot of suffering and testing of us to prove this ...see! Ssooooo evidently

    all the millions of deaths and agony over the centuries have not been enough to show to

    all the angels etc, that He is in fact the BEST and mankind cannot live without HIM.

    People have tried but every time they almost start succeeding, god calls a flood

    or mixes them all up with different languages so they can't get along!

    So we have a world of little babies dying and all the horrible things that

    befall us and still god doesn't act! But He says (supposedly) all the angels

    need to see that I am the Chief and all worship belongs to me ... so he needs

    MORE worshippers to die in faith to prove that! Not enough spilled blood yet!!

    Hmmm wonder what all the angels think of him now after so many years of this!!!

    ~ hard to write that crap


  • King Solomon

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