Could UFO Disclosure Bring About A Golden Age?

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    LOL OUTLAW...yes, that would be high on the agenda.

  • Etude

    OUTLAW, you crack me up with your pictures!

  • apostatethunder

    We are better off without any sort of alien contact.

    Aliens would be the perfect excuse to enforce whatever it is you want to enforce.

  • moshe

    Good news here---Any lifeform that could traverse the cosmos must thrive off of cosmic radiation- our ozone and van allen belts block cosmic rays and radiation, which very likely would make our planet uninhabitable to them.

  • chapstick

    We don't have to worry about a superior civilization coming to earth and enslaving us, they already have. They're here as we speak, but their days are numbered. When the "ET's" show up you can bet they will look like us, they are our ancestors.


  • frankiespeakin

    I doubt any aliens smart enough to transverse the cosmos will be interested in contacting us and dispencing information to alter our evolutionarry developement. I would think they would have gone beyond greed, evil, and our distinctions of good and bad. They would be so advanced that they would not interfere and let things run there normal course.

    At present we can only project our own fears and hopes on such an encounter. The Government on the other hand collectively speaking must seek it's own advantages in any supposed situation and will exploit it,, with a modicum of altuism as it is an expression of human nature at present.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    ST said:

    "KS...If aliens made it to our shores....they would have to be much more advanced than us purely because of the distances they would have to travel. We might seem like cavemen to them...LOL"

    Oh, I dunno if that's true. Being that we don't know where they'd come from, it's easy to project our limitations and concerns about space travel onto them; hence why I was trying to suggest that the space environment might be their natural environment, and wouldn't represent a challenge at all for survival. In fact, the Earth atmosphere itself might present a challenge to them (much as a planet with an aquatic environment would be challenging for us in which to survive).

    Besides, our planet is already covered with alien life forms we haven't begun to catalog, yet alone communicate with. Who's to say antropocentric knowledge is superior to canine logic? (far-fetched, I know....). ;)

  • EntirelyPossible

    I know for a fact aliens are already among us. I met a Canadian the other day, and I wasn't in Canada!

  • bats in the belfry
  • tresdecu

    Replace those space ships and robot with falling buildings, and this could be a WTS illustration.

    I believe if Aliens are smart enough to get themselves here from another world, they would be smart enough to escape being caught by the area 51 dudes.

    And why don't they ever fly somewhere, where thousands of people see them, like over a baseball stadium? They always manage to catch the attention of a few random pilots from around the world....and they always get on camera, but poor quality cameras that upload fuzzy videos to youtube. Come on Aliens...wise up! Do a superbowl flyover next time.

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