Thor answered my prayer

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  • Stealth

    Where I live in the USA we are experiencing record breaking drought and heat. Over a month with no rain and 27 consecutive days with heat above 90. Forcast calls for tripple digit heat for the next 7 days.

    Last night I broke down an prayed to Thor, this morning he answered my prayer as I heard thunder at 5am and woke up to see rain. Only 1/10 of an inch, but rain that was NOT in the forcast.

    Is this not proof that Thor is a true god?

    Maybe there are multiple gods and we just have been directing our prayers to the wrong god when we only pray to one?

    Amen Thor!

  • Chariklo

    There you go!

    proof indeed, and on his very own day, too!

    All praise to Thor! The doubters will soon believe!

  • Jeffro

    Praise Thor.

  • processor
  • Jadeen

    Praise Thor! We also got some rain yesterday and it was so nice standing outside and getting soaked!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I didn't know de 'did' rain. I thought he was more of a thunder god.

  • Tooz

    Let me guess .... the rain that fell was very warm ... in fact it was hot rain drops that fell, so hot that it was near boiling temperature.

    I hope I don't offend you but Thor is a myth, he doesn't really exist.

    It was only a coinincidence that your prayer to Thor was followed by rain, no doubt other people are crediting their prayers to their personal mythological gods too.

    The correct understanding about your rain is a result of the Celestial Teapot.

    The Celestial Teapot was proved by Pastor Russell, (Pastor Bertrand Russell), his studies proved that the Celestial Teapot orbits the sun about halfway between the Earth and Mars.

    And when the teapot is in correct alignment with Earth (which it is this week), it will poor boiling hot rain drops over the earth. The thermal forces affected by humidity and gravity direct the celestial rain drops towards the driest part of the region that is aligned with the teapot. (Proved by the Kinetic Molecular Theory)

    Don't believe me? Do a google search on Russell's Teapot.'s_teapot

  • mrsjones5

    Thank for the prayer, we even got a little bit of rain out here in central California.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    You fools!

    Let me explain climatology:

    We're standing on a flat round Earth (think disc-shaped) that has a massive metal hemisphere dome covering it, attached to the flat circular Earth all along the perimeter of the disc. The Sun, Moon, and stars are attached to the ceiling of the dome, mounted on tracks that allow them to move across the surface of the dome (think of trak lighting).

    There's windows in the ceiling of the dome, too, and the water that is stored above it falls thru the windows, giving us rain. The same windows are used to drop snow, hail, etc, as those are stored up there in separate storage bins.

    Heaven is above the dome, and God sometimes uses the dome (you may know it by the name, firmament) as a foot-rest (Mrs YHWH HATES when He does that!!!), or He walks across the top surface of the metal dome (that's your thunder).

    So there is a quick lesson in climatology, Genesis-style: that's how YHWH gets er dun. You'd have to be retawded (or home-schooled) to actually believe that Thor makes it rain, pee-shaw!!! As IF!

  • processor

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