The Watchtower Punished: Society loses legal battle over child abuse case

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Wonderful article Cedars. You sure have a way with words.

    You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was reading your article and all of a sudden there was a photo of Joe and me. You were right on the money in your description of me in regards to my attitude about WT's negligence of children. Joe feels equally strong about this as I do.

    BTW, he's my support in all I do and when it comes to elder expertise he's right on. We try to be fair to our former friends at headquarters, many times trying to give them the benefit of the doubt in this mess, but they really have no excuse for the very stubborn belief that obedience to certain scriptures in the Bible is more important than the lives of children. It's easy to see why the "James" book had to go because it just didn't fit in with the beliefs of the cloistered men of the WT who love their insulated lives more than they do the flockā€™s well-being.

    Thanks Cedars for being out there somewhere with pen in hand doing your thing too.


  • cedars

    Thanks Barbara, but I really don't deserve your praise. You're the one who actually worked on this and, along with others, gave Candace's legal team the benefit of your considerable knowledge and experience. All I've done is write a blog article that attempts to describe it all! However, I'm delighted that you're happy with the article, and particularly the way you have been quoted.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from Candace. I already view her as a true heroine. She deserves a platform for taking such a difficult and courageous stand.


  • cedars

    I've updated my article with all media links that I'm aware of.

    As-and-when other media links emerge, if you could post them on this thread, I will make sure they get added to the list on the blog article. It would be nice to keep everything together in one neat, concise package!

    Thanks everyone...


  • Chariklo

    Cedars, that's a really wonderful article.

    I didn't know what all the other references I'd encountered referred to. Now I do.

    I'm PMing you on a related matter.

  • cedars

    Thanks Chariklo!

    Here's some interesting reaction on what appears to be a non-JW faith-oriented website...


  • Phizzy

    Thanks Cedars, a very well written article ! Just one suggestion, in case your article is picked up and used by non-JW's in the media, which I hope it is, you should just add the explanation "door to door work" or similar, after the esoteric expression "field ministry".

    Well done again !

  • cedars

    Thanks Phizzy, I've implemented your excellent suggestion!


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Cedars: Excellent job! Just one point - you use the term 'criminally liable'. Not strictly accurate, as this was a civil court ruling. 'Liable' on its own would be OK or perhaps 'Liable with malice' as per the jury decision.

    Sorry, not being nitpicking but I think we all know just how nitpicking JW apologists can be!

  • cedars

    Joe - good point, I'll make the change....


  • soft+gentle

    great article cedars.

    I'm also very glad that Candace has her mum, barb and Joe supporting her.

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