The Watchtower Punished: Society loses legal battle over child abuse case

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  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Great job Cedars.

    I was thinking I might try to anonymously print and send this to my sister; she was the victim of sexual abuse by the hands of a man in the congregation we grew up in, there were many victims and the sexual offender, or in my words pervert, was protected each and every time whilst his victims were silenced and threatened. She is still trying to believe but struggles with her feelings toward what happened to her, how it was handled and her faith in the $ociety, hopefully this will help wake her up.

    Thank You.

  • sabastious

    Very good breakdown. The only reason for the delay of justice is because the Watchtower fights so hard to protect the dirty truth about their love afair with themselves whom they call Jehovah. Once it all comes out it's game over for them. I'm glad the GB are much older than me because that means my whole family can piss on their graves.


  • exjehovah

    I was so happy by this that I had to come online and post my joy over the court case.

    I hope more women that have suffered abuse in this organization realizes that they are not alone.

    Silent lambs and places like this forum allow us to come together to discuss this cult and how they hide pedophiles, child molsters, rapists, etc.

    I know of two cases where the elders knew that they had a pedophile and a known rapist and they allowed them to operate in their organization with immunity. And let's not talk about the amount of women who have went before the elders for help and have been accused of bringing it on themselves by how they dress, etc. Remember now, women are viewed as "less than men" in this cult.

  • purplesofa
  • TotallyADD

    Thanks Cedar. Job well done. Being a past victim makes my heart glow with pride that the WT has to face their bad policy on pedophiles. I feel and know the WT could care less about children. They only say they do to tickle the ears of the believers. Great Job. Totally ADD

  • nugget

    great article nicely explained.

  • AndersonsInfo

    RubaDub, I inquired about Kendrick too. He moved and is in another congregation and was in good standing. No one knew except the elders (previous to the trial), about his past and the year he spent in jail.

    I communicate with Candace Conti and her absolutely wonderful mother. Candace's contact information can be obtained. She is one great gal! Contact me Cedars. It appears that Candace is determined to follow in my footsteps and stay busy exposing the evils of the borg, so WT will soon have two of us to deal with. I always told myself that I needed to be cloned to keep up with all the demands that have fallen in my lap, and finally someone has done it except I'm in a 26 year old body. Can't beat that one.


  • cedars

    Thanks Barbara, you have an email!


  • darthfader

    Cedars, you are a rapidly rising star here. All the work you go through, your surveys, artivles and videos are appreciated.

    Please keep up the well tempered and balanced work!



  • BlindersOff1

    I'll second that . Way to go Cedars and Barb

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