So I shaved off all my hair

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    Mine is to my waist (almost) ... I had it super short once, and wow, did I ever feel exposed! Also, it looked really 'butch'.

    Q, that is one of the reasons they shave recruits, and also why they shaved prisoners in the concentration camps. It makes one feel vulnerable, and, especially when it's not your choice, it's a very big control factor. It 'depersonalizes'.

    I hope your psoriasis improves, that can be really tough to deal with. I have excema in my ears that flares when I get too stressed. Not pleasant.


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    Found Sheep

    Well I guess I need to add...

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    nice pic

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    When I was young, my hair was so thick that the barber had to use thinning shears when I got a haircut. My biggest fear about 10-12 years ago was going bald when I started to thin dramatically. Today I love the bald look. There are too many bumps and scars to actually use a razor but I use a #1 on my clippers and like the look. (even though my head is odd shaped)


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    Shaving your hair off is an act of brazen conduct according to the G.B. as I learned from an ex bethelite. So go ahead and be brazen, I shave my head every day and have a goatee. Be all you can be, not what the BORG wants you to be.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Things I have learned being a buzzed lady:

    1- I can't shower with the same heat I like

    2- The wind is noticed more

    3- rain feels quite strange

    4- I dry off quickly


    6- it grows back

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    Witness My Fury

    I sent you a PM, but can post here now so will copy paste most of it here:

    I've suffered from poor flakey scalp and almost an allergy to hair (many crew cuts to ventilate the scalp) for years and found this works well:

    Buy T-Gel, lather up and massage in well on wet hair, get a shopping bag or similar and cut it to fit your head if needs be or just tape it so it's snug fit and no leaks around the edges, have some paper towels around your neck and collar and then leave it on for around 15 - 30 minutes to work it's magic under the bag, then rinse as normal, repeat every 2 - 3 days. The bag is mainly to stop it drying out and protect furniture from the brown lather.

    I'd used T-gel and similar for years with minimal effect until I did this more drastic measure, then it was almost an instant cure with a massive improvement after the 1st go. I was flake free after 3 goes. Revert to normal shampooing after a few goes if you see improvement.

    I hope that helps you.

    Edit to say: wait til your cuts heal 1st though if you fancy trying this...

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    oh and please don't forget sunscreen!!

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