Today's WT: A Warning To You Loyal Witnesses

by metatron 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • talesin

    What about his morals and attitude? Will he bring “leaven” into the home?

    Ah, but here's the catch!


  • slimboyfat

    I'm forever taking leaven into people's homes, I'm famous for it.

  • snowbird

    I hope no JW's will pay this a lick of attention.

  • talesin

    hehehe, me too! That's why I am persona non grata. :D

  • Listener

    I don't recall coming across an article that says its okay for a JW to accept help from their disfellowshipped relatives.

  • snowbird

    The WT is a desperately sick organization.

  • panhandlegirl

    Although, I was df'd, I cared for my jw mother. I even took her to the km and made sure she got to her seat without any problems. The elders did not seem to have any problem with me caring for her even though they knew she had two other jw daughters and they knew them. My sisters lived out of town. I had made my daugher promise to care for my older jw sister if I was not around because she chose not to have children. Because my sister has shunned us and seems not to care a thing about us, I released my daughter from the promise and told her that my sister can care for herself as best she can if/when she is old and maybe her husband is gone. I no longer care if she goes to the nursing home alone. Too much time has elasped without any association or interest on her part towards my three brothers and me. Let the chips fall where they may.

  • irondork

    Watchtower Society = cure for natural affection.

    I am also no longer afflicted by affection for family.

  • Ding

    Very sad how this "spiritual paradise" destroys the families of so many of its own members.

  • steve2

    There is a "special" breed of self-righteous JW who openly and with relish go way beyond what the Watchtower requires from "loyal" witnesses. These super-righteous ones advertise how thorough a stand they have taken against kith and kin who have left the organization.

    This is not to let the Watchtower off the hook for appealing to the self-righteousness of its members - but to restore some balance to this discussion.

    And, yes, sizemilk, I know what you mean: From my own active JW family's experience, despite my being disfellowshipped, they made room for me pitching in and helping care for our ailing JW mother. They knew it would be a demanding role for the family and welcomed any bit of help they could get because they sure as hell didn't get it from anyone else in the kingdom hall. Not one of them was rude or incivil to me, recognizing that even the Watchtower allows for this type of necessary family co-operation.

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